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What I teach my kids right now!

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I am not an investment guru but read a heng of a lot about it. A while back Warren Buffet had his share holders powow and although I do not give it much interest, I did take 2 comments from him that makes absolute sense and I teach my kids this. Please, I might be wrong how I interpret this but this is how I see it.


1. He does not really invest in pie-in-the-sky items. He invests in items that are used by every day people, every day. I think that is why he has such a big stake in companies like Coca Cola. Would not surprise me if he had shares in some or other toilet paper company. It is stuff that are used everyday and as the population grows, the sales of those items will increase. Makes sense.


2. This one I really took to heart - " If you don't make money while you sleep, you will work till the day you die!!!"

Now let's just give that some thought. Make money while you sleep, hmmmm. Well lets take the Coca Cola example again. If you had shares in such a company, while you sleep in South Africa, somebody on the other side of the world is buying a Coca Cola. So while you sleep, your company that you have shares in, is making money at the other side of the world! Makes absolute sense.


And just to make it more interesting for my kids, I broke it down. I told them, they have to find a way of making R150, only R150 per hour, every hour of every day!


So 24 hours in a day x R150 =  R3600


R3600 x 30 days in a month = R108000 per month and then their eye's almost popped out.


So now they on a hunt for something that will give them R150 every hour of every day, especially when they sleep!!

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Good luck finding that investment. I am sure it exists but reward equals risk and as long as supply and demand determines prices nothing is guaranteed

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Or if you can't make R150 per hour for 24 hours per day, then what about:

R300/hour for 12 hours per day for 30 days or

R600/hour for 6 hours per day for 30 days or

R1200/hour for 3 hours per day for 30 days.

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