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JSE Stock picks for 2021

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It's that time of year again - albeit a very unusual year!


So my personal top five stock pics for next year are as follows (in order):


#1)  DGH   (Distell)  - This one's share price has been hammered by the lockdowns and stocks are dirt cheap. But drinking never stops and eventually, sales and profits always return. This company is also huge and very resilient. If I had to choose just one stock for the coming year, it would be this one.


#2)  APN   (Aspen) - With an agreement to produce a COVID vaccine, the exposure to this company should be massive once they begin production.


#3) PPC (PPC Cement) - This one is tricky, because they have a significant debt problem to solve. If they fix their debt problem, they could be at R6.00 by the end of 2021. If they don't, they could be at 60c. But this year has been fantastic for the company. They have increased profits and reduced debt considerably. If they keep it up, good things are in store for this company.


#4) DCP (Dischem) - Dis-Chem has launched it's new innovative Clinic Connect - a  nurse-led healthcare system where nurses take your vitals and symptoms etc., and can video-chat a Doctor for a script should one be required, with clinic visits being substantially cheaper than Doctor visits, and you can still get a prescription. If this takes off, this could do wonders for the group.


#5) SSS (Store-Age) - Largely unaffected by COVID, because people who rent storage keep renting the storage, even during tough times. With a dividend yield at over 8% and good financials, this one is bread and butter, even through terrible times.



Other notable mentions:
CML - Coronation

L4L - Long4Life
CPI - Capitec

DSY - Discovery
SRE - Sirius



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