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Skype at work:


[2017/08/11, 09:25:56] *guy: Where do pencils come from

[2017/08/11, 09:26:47] *me: iron man and a eucalyptus sitting in a tree...

[2017/08/11, 09:26:55] *guy: pensylvania

[2017/08/11, 09:27:02] *me: stop

[2017/08/11, 09:27:03] *me: just

[2017/08/11, 09:27:05] *me: ...stop

[2017/08/11, 09:28:33] *guy: What do you call a guy with a car on his head?

[2017/08/11, 09:28:44] *me: motorhead

[2017/08/11, 09:28:50] *guy: jack

[2017/08/11, 09:29:04] *me: gonna hurt you...


Make this day end already... :(

IQ Test

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Last international race of his career - men's 4x100m relay. He is passed the Batton, on the final stretch and in third. Just as he wanted to put foot down and gun it he pulls a muscle or something and collapses on track.


Jamaica/Bolt - DNF

IQ Test

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