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EasyEquities is now available on the Capitec Banking App

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If you have the Capitec app already, make sure you have the latest version. Visit the App Store or Play Store and give that Update button a tap.

Once you have the latest version of the app, log in and navigate to where it says ‘Explore’, then select ‘Widgets’. You’ll then select EasyEquities and go through the process of either linking your existing EasyEquities account or creating a new one.

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So far, off to a bad start. Been trying the whole day. I've tried every half hour or so, no luck. 


After adding it to Capitec entering my credentials, I get the following error message in the Capitec app:


EasyEquities is currently unavailable, please try again later or contact support on: 010 141 2210 or [email protected]


Not great, certainly won't be logging back in, feels like my time is being wasted, so a hard pass from me. 


Now I hope FNB's share offering is attractive since they also launched a low cost investing platform that is actually integrated with their banking. 

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