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Send Bitcoin to Paypal

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Is there a way to send bitcoins to paypal? 


I have a Recurring Payment setup in Paypal, but for some reason this particular payment does not want to work with my Capitec Bank card.


I have other Recurring Payments that works flawlessly.


Now I want to add funds to my paypal account itself, but I cannot find for the life of me a way to send funds to it via Capitec so assuming that is not possible; Is there a way I can send bitcoin?


Alternatively, do any of you have a paypal account with money in it and would like to buy some bitcoin in exchange for you sending some paypal dollars to my paypal account so that I can pay the outstanding payment.


I will sell BTC at market value - 3% for your troubles.

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Forgot to add here, did the transfer with @erwintwr it went as smooth as, as smooth can be.


only a pleasure. will be opening up my own gupta-crypto-bank soon ! :D

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