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Desktop Notifications

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We are busy updating some scripts from a previous test environment and applying it here. 


This will enable Platinum Wealth to send you notifications similar to what web.whatsapp.com and push pullet does.


Please use this thread to discuss any issues or suggestions regarding the new modification.


 At this moment there are 4 triggers:


- You are quoted

- Someone replied in your topic

- You are tagged (trough @Yourname)

- You received a PM



This will happen:




Then you must please accept to receive messages ( press green ):




Then if all goes as plan like it did in the local environment, this should happen:



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I like it. I have never seen this before so this really caught my attention when @Purply replied to my introduction thread I was surfing YouTube.com and all of a sudden a little pop up in the corner appeared! Very sleek.

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