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Luno BTC (mobile) to Jaxx (mobile) ETH?

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Morning everyone,


Is there a tutorial that guides a person in transferring BTC from Luno to Jaxx with intention of shape-shifting BTC to ETH? I'm a bit lost as to how it is done; well lets say more apprehensive as this is the first time I have ever ventured into the Cryptocurrency market space.


Thanks in advance

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Sort version which might help.


1) Transfer money from your bank account to your Luno account, use reference supplied by Luno , they also offer 5 different banks for convenience, but transfers can still take up to 2 business days.

2) Convert your ZAR into Bitcoin via their easy to use interface on Luno

3) Install Jaxx Wallet, be sure to also install the Ethereum wallet if it's not installed by default ( plenty other wallets (coins) that can be installed later on Jaxx as well)

4) Now in Jaxx you should have a BTC (bitcoin) address as well as an ETH (ethereum) address, copy the BTC address for your Luno transfer

5) Back to Luno, lets start your BTC transfer by entering your BTC address you copied from Jaxx, plus all other fields required and hit ok ( or whatever )

6) On Jaxx you need to then be in the BTC screen, click on Receive and enter the amount of BTC you just sent from Luno.

7) Wait for the transfer to clear from Luno to Jaxx, this can take 10 minutes to a few hours.

8) Once the BTC shows in Jaxx, we can now shapeshift it into ETH by going to the BTC screen again and clicking on the shapeshift icon


BTC to ETH shapeshift can also take a few minutes or couple hours depending on the BTC Mining Fee you select in Jaxx under Settings , slow,normal or fast.


Think that's about it? I only have Jaxx installed on my phone, so doing a proper guide is going to be a a mission and a half.

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Purply's guide sounds about right. Step 6 is not necessary. It will automatically get picked up.


I have found the same as I forgot that step once, but just kept on doing it in case.

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Thank you very much gents. Bought BTC in Luno will  transfer to Jaxx this evening.



Sent from my iPhone using the Platinum Wealth app


 ETH bought successfully. Going to give it some time to reflect. Thanks again.

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