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Buying and selling - Forum Rules

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Please note that Platinum Wealth has no involvement with any of the activities between the buyers and sellers on this forum. Platinum Wealth cannot take responsibility for transactions between third parties. Be responsible and take care when dealing with strangers. Anyone can register on the forum so please take proper care with larger transactions.


You my bump your thread once a day, excessive bumping is viewed as spam.


Use the following prefixes in your thread title:


- if you are selling

[W] - if you are looking for something

[T] - if you are willing to trade

[s/T] - if you are willing to sell or trade


Below are some basic guidelines on using this classifieds forum section. Some might not apply to you and others will be stated as optional, but the more information you can provide, the better your thread will perform and in the end can make for a quick sale.


1. The title should include the name of the item you are selling or looking for and be as descriptive as possible

2. Condition of the item(s), including damage and imperfections if any

3. Age of the item(s) being sold

4. Location of item(s)

5. Price

6. Delivery/Collection Options

7. Reason(s) for selling or Trading

8. Pictures or hyperlinks to the corresponding product you are selling ( optional, but will help with more information ).


You can copy and paste the following Template and then fill it in:








photos, product links, further description


If you are selling bundles, or multiple items on one thread, and not all items are sold at once, please make a post ( after the first purchase ) listing the items that ARE still available. This allows people to know which items in your list are not available anymore. It makes it simpler to the buyer and the seller, and eliminates the need to have to wait for a reply via the thread or by PM.


It is very important to keep your posts in the Classifieds threads on topic. No commenting on price/quality, offers from others or such. Derailing in this section will result in your posts being deleted.


By posting in the Classifieds you are deemed to have agreed with and accept these rules.

Please note - use of the Classifieds is at your own risk

Both seller and buyer use these Classifieds entirely at their own risk

Rather deal with longer standing forum members who have a higher post count

Ask others if they know the person you are dealing with

The Admin & Mod team and the forum will not be responsible for deals that go bad

The Admin & Mod team will not be expected to mediate between any parties of a Classifieds transaction

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