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You'd think the easiest solution would be for Ice3x and Luno to just open bank accounts at all major SA banks so that transfers can take place within 24 hours........right?!?!?!?!


Luno does. A deposit at Luno takes about 5 minutes to reflect. If you withdraw before 8am at Luno, the money will be in your account by 9:05 am.


I'm with Standard Bank, and Luno has always been lightning fast as far as deposits and withdrawals go.


On the other hand, in my experience, ICE3x takes up to a day a day for deposits and up to a week to get your money out.


But then again, Luno doesn't have LiteCoin, so ICE3x is the only real option for that...

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What happened to the Standard Bank Deposits on ICE 3x?


Previously, when you clicked on "Deposit ZAR" it gave you an option to deposit via an FNB or a Standard Bank account. Now it only has the option of FNB, and Standard Bank is no longer an option? So now I can't do an EFT from Standard Bank any more.


It's been this way for a few weeks now. Does anyone know about this problem and why it isn't being fixed?

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