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I like L4L, i just don't have them in my portfolio, very tempting at current levels. The share didn't react positively to the RAGE acquisition news , comments like "Joffe overpaid for Rage" came out o

Any idea what is next with Long 4 Life?  Do they have any mergers in the pipeline?

@Purply and @Groovy do you guys think we are heading into a official bear market on the JSE? 

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Capitec: A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Viceroy’s latest report is now live. $CPI #JSE @SAReserveBank @CapitecBankSA 


Fraser Perring of Viceroy Research will appear on Bloomberg @business at 8:30am GMT to discuss the report.



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Avg. Purchase Price R 0.46


Very cool, I had got in a little higher at 58c, I remember it going lower after I bought some. I'll just leave it there for now.




I'm getting nervous of banks now, as I haven't been very lucky with them. I'm considering just buying some STXFIN instead.


Rightfully so, I'm not heavy in any ETF's, only a few stocks so I cannot advise at the moment. This last year I've been researching all forms of trading from forex to crypto and learnt so much it's unreal... With those gains I'm hoping to continually add to my Easy Equities portfolio investing in local companies, or some ETF's yes.

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Have you ever seen this before? Every single stock on the top 40 is down today. Not even one exception!  





yes, and judging by the present US markets, we will probably be down again tomorrow :(


Can you maybe post the link of that screenshot you posted?

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