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Spreadsheet Ranger

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@Groovy First Rand seems on special!


What makes you like them? I always wanted to buy banks, but I don't really understand the pros and cons of buying shares in them particularly apart form capitec who is a odd ball.



It's nothing technical on my side Ranger, besides that i have a bank account @FNB and I'm always trying to get the bank charges money back. They've been giving me good returns, because i don't hold them for long, i flip them like burgers and take profit .

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Okey, so TAS had a sense today. Not impressed with the claw back. I do agree about pumping the food division though, but overall I am not sure.  Essentially a reverse rights issue.


The claw-back offer 


All Taste shareholders and/or their renouncees will be offered the right to claw-back (i.e. subscribe for) their pro rata portion, by way of a renounceable claw-back offer, of the claw- back shares. The claw-back shares will be offered to shareholders subject to the terms and conditions set out in the claw-back offer circular to be issued once the amendments to the Memorandum of Incorporation have been effected. A total of 80 000 012 Taste shares will be offered in the claw-back offer at a claw-back offer price of R1.50 per share.


TASTE sens

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What does that mean, should we be interested in buying into Taste now or see how it goes after the sale?

I'm in TAS already so I'll need to ride it out all in all I'm very positive for this company's future. However it won't make money yet I suspect it will be 2 or 3 years still before the share price does anything remarkable.


That R1.50 they talk about in the sens. I don't like it all that much especially not if the market slams the price down tomorrow.

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Yeah lol @Outlook I'm out fishing for financial and bank stocks, but on Finbond I'm not clued up on this stock, but i read on their last sens that


" their headline earnings per share will

increase to between 17.43 cents and 19.36 cents per share, representing a percentage

improvement of between 65.68% and 84.03% compared to the 10.52 cents per share reported

for the prior year; and – earnings per share will increase

to between 17.32 cents and 19.25 cents

per share, representing a percentage

improvement of between 79.48% and 99.48

% compared to the 9.65 cents per share reported for the prior year. "

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JOHANNESBURG, April 10 (Reuters) - South Africa's bourse will investigate an increase in the trading of certain securities in the hours before former finance minister Pravin Gordhan was recalled from an international investor roadshow, BusinessDay newspaper reported on Monday.


On March 27, news broke that President Jacob Zuma had ordered Gordhan to return immediately from a trip to Britain and the United States. Gordhan was later dismissed in a cabinet reshuffle. newspaper reported that the Johannesburg Securities Exchange was examining trading in securities that were affected by news of the recall.


Officials at the exchange would not initially confirm or deny the report when contacted by Reuters.

The report said that the exchange would seek to identify activity that might warrant further investigation by the Financial Services Board's market abuse department.


"The news precipitated material moves in the value of numerous listed securities including currency futures," the exchange's director of market regulation Shaun Davies is quoted as saying by the paper.

Davies declined to say which securities were being investigated, but it is likely that banking stocks will be among them, the Business Day said.


The rand weakened by about 2.5 percent ahead of the news, according to Thomson Reuters data, falling further after the recall was confirmed.


Speculation of large bets on currency futures at around the same time also surfaced, causing market watchers to speculate the currency was being "shorted", local media reported.


Short-selling refers to the selling of instruments that have been borrowed, in anticipation of a fall in prices.


Source: https://za.investing.com/news/stock-market-news/south-africa's-bourse-to-review-trades-around-gordhan's-recall---businessday-30932

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