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How to start investing


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Easiest (considering you already have an ABSA Stockbroker account) is to buy the NEWUSD ETN. Will effectively track the USD exchange rate with ZAR. You do not own USD though, when you cash out it becomes ZAR again. You are saving quite a bit on transfer costs etc.


If you want actual USD - open an FNB Global Account and transfer into it. Done.


To do actual/active forex trading though you may want to look at another solution which these are not.


Thanks Hamster. much appreciated.

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Hi Guys


If you are interested, we have something on our website which allows you to calculate exactly how long it will take you to reach financial independence (that point where the income from your investments is greater than your salary):




Thought it was relevant to the above discussion.

PDSnet - Share Trading Software and Educationhttp://www.pdsnet.co.za/http://www.pdsnet.co.za/index.php/pdsnet-articles/

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Hi everyone. Some very interesting info here. I’m very new to investing and hence have already made some mistakes. My question is perhaps an obvious one, but bear with me.


Like a true beginner, I bought some stocks on Easy Equities, however I transferred my funds into the ZAR account. No big deal, I can sell my shares and transfer the money across to my TFSA. My question is one of taxation: say I made money on those sales, is it OK to just transfer the lot into the TFSA? Does my money only get taxed once it comes out of Easy Equities and into my bank account?

I hope I’ve understood this correctly, but it seems to me that I’m allowed to do this.



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