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Part 2: Wills and Testaments 101 - Facts of estate

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PART 2 - Facts of estate


Only @padjakkels can post here. Facts will be added here about the estate.


Name: Joe Somebody

Age: 40

Address: 3 Church Street, Stellenbosch.

Married to: Sandy Somebody

Kids: Mary (from 1st marraige), Mark and Scott

Work: Bakkery - own business


Who will inherit: ?




House : Market Value - R1,700,000 Cost?

2nd House : Market Value R1,500,000, Cost R500,000

EasyEquities account: R230,000 (invested R100,000)

EasyEquities TFSA: R780,000 (invested R450,000)

2011 GTI : ?

Bakkery - 95%

BitX account - 3 bitcoins worth R12,000 each




House Bond - R1,200,000




Part 1: Gather information - This post. Please post any facts of Joe here that you want to be added.

Part 2: Facts of estate - All facts will be added here.

Part 3: Gather questions - Any questions about the facts can be posted here. - WE ARE HERE NOW!

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Part 5: Questions on will - Any questions about the will can be posted here.

Part 6: Prepare estate planning - Published estate planning can be seen here.

Part 7: Questions on estate planning -Any questions about the estate planning can be posted here.

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