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Investmen club GQClub


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The site has been up and running since November 2023.


Since November 25, I have invested my funds in  https://www.gq-club.com/


100 USDT  


Project Description


GQClub has existed as a private club for over 2 years and has been online since November 2023.

GQClub is an exclusive investment club that brings together outstanding professionals who share a common passion for investing in advanced technologies, 

precious metals and other valuable assets. Experienced professionals invest in gold and modern projects for guaranteed returns.




In my personal cabinet there are 3 balances: Main Balance, Dividend and Referral. To receive income you need to transfer the internal GQC coin to the Dividend wallet.

 To activate dividend accruals, the user presses the Activate button and his funds are frozen on the Dividend wallet for 7 days.


When GQC is credited to this account, the dividend accrual counter is activated every second: 4.2% per week, 0.6% per day, 0.025% per hour


 At the end of 7 days dividends from the counter are transferred to the Balance, the counter is reset. 

The funds on the Dividend wallet are unfrozen and available for reactivation or withdrawal.



Affiliate Program


Referral profit is accrued from the amount of passive income of the partner depending 

on the status of your membership in the club (there are 4 in total) is accrued up to the 7th line in depth:

● Line 1 - 25% - from the income of your personally invited partners.

● Line 2 - 20% - from your partner's income                                   .

● Line 3 - 15% - from your partner's income                                   .

● Line 4 - 10% - from your partner's income                                   .

● Line 5 - 5%   - from your partner's income                                    .

● Line 6 - 2.5%- from your partner's income                                  .

● Line 7 - 2.5%- from your partner's income                                  .



Freeze - 7 days.

The minimum amount for purchasing membership in the club is equal to the minimum value of 1 gram of gold for the year 2023 and is - 50$.

The maximum deposit amount is unlimited.

Deposit and withdrawal via: TetherTRC20, TetherERC20, TRX, BitCoin, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Litecoin, Dogecoin.


* Registration *

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[b]Important update in the program![/b] 

Since December 15, a 7-level affiliate program has become available for all users with Basic and Grand statuses. 
This means that you have the opportunity to receive [b]increased bonuses[/b] when creating a team!

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Deposit 500$
I decided to take part in the New Year promotion : +5% to deposit. 
I will use all financial opportunities) 
until January 31 and you can make profitable investments 


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Dividend GQclub
20/01/2024 ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ Paid out

Class action in the club has started:
Promotion ""Video Review"" - Conditions of participation:
Start of the promotion: From January 18.
Video Criteria:
- Create a video review of the GQ club and personal account.
- Describe the registration process.
- Demonstrate the activation of the deposit and dividends.
- Video and deposit must be created no earlier than January 18.
- Activate the dividends on the new deposit.
- Receive up to a 10% bonus on the new deposit.
Make a video, upload it to your YouTube channel and your social media accounts. Make sure your social media accounts are publicly accessible to members and visitors. Also, don't forget to tag GQ-Club under your video!

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