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2019 Election Results – Where to find them online

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The 2019 National and Provincial Elections took place on 8 May 2019, which is the sixth time South Africans voted in a general election.

The results from the 2019 Elections will be used to determine a new National Assembly and new provincial legislatures.

The ANC is widely expected to win the 2019 National Elections, but the DA and EFF are may eat into its strong performance in 2014.

In 2014 the ANC received 62% of the vote, followed by the DA on 22%, the EFF on 6.4% and the IFP on 2.4%.


Where to find the 2019 Election Results


The Independent Electoral Commission is expected to announce the final election results on Saturday, 11 May 2019 from the National Results Operation Centre in Pretoria.

People can also track the results as they come in on many South African websites which are providing in-depth coverage of the 2019 elections.

Here are some of the best resources available to track the 2019 South African Election results.


News24 Elections map

News24’s detailed and interactive Election Results Maps provide users with insight into South Africa’s election results stretching back to 1994. The website’s elections portal also provides a wealth of information about the country’s 2019 general elections.


ENCA Elections 2019 portal

ENCA has a dedicated portal for coverage of the 2019 South African elections. Their coverage includes up to date election news, videos and related information.


EWN General Elections 2019

Eyewitness News (EWN) has a dedicated category for the 2019 South African elections. This category includes information and a live blog about the elections.


TimesLive Elections 2019 Results Map

TimesLive is offering visitors an interactive 2019 Election Results Mapwith a wealth of information about South Africa’s election results.


IOL 2019 Elections category

IOL’s 2019 Elections category offers the latest election news and results to readers.


Electoral Commission of South Africa

The Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa, which is tasked with managing free and fair elections at all levels of government, provides the 2019 national and provincial election results in PDF and Excel format on its website.


SABC News Elections 2019

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has a dedicated Elections 2019 portal with the latest national and provincial election news and results.


Citizen 2019 Election Results

The Citizen has a dedicated 2019 Election Results portal and map with the latest news from South Africa’s sixth democratic elections.

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So five more years of the same old shiaat with one BIG difference - now there might be 80 EFF guys in parliament to cause chaos :D


This is either a long term strategy by the DA to lose their "white" image or a massive reality check for them. No growth at all (in fact, it looks like negative growth at the moment). They'll need to do something to remain relevant.


Maybe the future lies in parties like ZACP whose fundamentals are based on business and race/culture like almost every other party out there.

IQ Test

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