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Kokkie Kooyman

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I would assume the stronger Rand and the looming downgrade which would weaken it again is the reason.

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If by some miracle the Rand hits R12.50 before December then my Dbx Portfolio is fcked.


A downgrade by S&P is almost a formality by December 2016 with the rest of the credit agencies to follow. This drought will persist pushing food inflation further after the 2016 food inflation. See attached graph. Retail spending is down and credit extension is making a turn for the worst, confirming consumer spending is lower than ever and car sales down. NEW car sales took their biggest hammering of the year in July, plunging 20.6% compared with July 2015.


In so doing, they dragged down the combined new vehicle market by 17%. For the first seven months of the year, the total market is 11% weaker than for the same period in 2015 and marketers are starting to think they may have underestimated the crash when, in January, they forecast the full-year 2016 market would shrink 12%.


Lets keep our hopes up.


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