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The SONA 2019 thread

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President Cyril Ramaphosa will give the State of the Nation Address in Parliament on 7 February. 



For those living in Cape Town, getting around may be more difficult during the day’s festivities due to road closures.


Below is a list of all road closures and the times they will be closed, to help you plan routes:


18h00 to 19h00

  • Roeland Street: between Buitenkant and Brandweer Streets 


17h45 to 19h00 (Temporary Closure ±35 minutes)

  • Klipper Road, Newlands: from Main Road (M4) to Newlands Avenue
  • Princess Anne Avenue, Newlands: from Newlands Avenue to Union Avenue
  • Newlands Avenue, Newlands: from Dean Street to Princess Anne Avenue
  • Dean Street, Newlands, westbound: from Main Road (M4) to Newlands Avenue
  • M3, Union Avenue, Rhodes Drive, Philip Kgosana Drive (De Waal Drive), Roeland Street, City-bound carriageway: from Newlands Avenue to city centre
  • Woolsack Drive, Rondebosch, westbound: between Main Road (M4) and Rhodes Drive (M3)
  • Anzio Road, Observatory: from Main Road (M4) to Philip Kgosana Drive (De Waal Drive) (M3)
  • N2, Settlers Way City-bound carriageway: from Main Road (M4) to city centre 


17h00 to 20h00

  • Buitenkant Street: between Darling and Strand Streets
  • Darling Street: between Buitenkant and Canterbury Streets
  • Harrington Street: between Darling and Roeland Streets


06h00 to 23h45

  • Church Sqaure
  • Roeland Street: between Plein and Buitenkant Streets
  • Closure of Company Gardens
  • Government Avenue from Orange Street to Wale Street
  • Plein Street from Longmarket Street to Roeland Street
  • St John’s Street from Roeland Street to Vrede Street
  • Gallery Lane
  • Bouquet Street
  • Hope Street: between Roeland and Glynn Streets
  • Wesley Street: between Buitenkant and Hope Streets
  • Glynn Street: between Buitenkant and Hope Streets
  • Wale Street: between Queen Victoria and Adderley Streets
  • Bureau Street: between Adderley and Parliament Streets
  • Spin and Mostert Streets: between Corporation and Parliament Streets
  • Parliament Street from the gates of Parliament to Longmarket Street
  • Commercial Street: between Plein and Buitenkant Streets – becomes bi-directional
  • Wesley and Glynn Streets: between Hope and Buitenkant Streets – becomes bi-directional


President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his second state of the nation address (SONA) on Thursday at 19h00 in Cape Town.


During an election year, two SONAs are held – one in February (to mark the final session of the outgoing parliament) and another after the new parliament has been constituted.


The purpose of the address is to highlight the achievements and challenges experienced over the past year and presents the executive’s programme for the year ahead.


It covers political, economic and social matters, and considers the general state of the country. It also reflects on South Africa’s domestic affairs as well as its relations in Africa and abroad.


Ramaphosa is expected to address many of the lingering concerns at present – around land reform, state-owned enterprises, the creeping economy and unemployment – and will have to face debate on his speech in the week that follows.


Many are expecting decisive action on Eskom, where Ramaphosa has promised to detail plans to split the struggling power utility.


The 2019 SONA marks Ramaphosa’s first ‘real’ address, away from the infighting and political maneuvering that marred the 2018 speech, which was delayed as the ANC fought to get former president Jacob Zuma to resign.


SONAs in the past, particularly under Zuma, often devolved into shouting matches and even violence, with disruptions from the EFF, and private security on the floor – a stark contrast to the air of elegance portrayed by politicians on the red carpet outside.


Analysts expect a quieter, more dignified address under Ramaphosa – but the EFF has threatened to again disrupt proceedings unless the president addresses his links to Bosasa.

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