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Found 4 results

  1. Are there any stock brokers registered on the JSE that manage custodial accounts (brokerage accounts that are opened for minors in the name of a parent/guardian)
  2. until
    Moxima Gama from The Money Hub is a master technical analyst with over a decade’s experience working both independently and within large financial institutions. She uses technical analysis to assist in making efficient trading decisions and maximise trading returns. In this JSE Power Hour she’ll give help uses understand the use of charts for trading as well as including some of her own bespoke processes in order to identify both buy and sell ideas. Moxima will also include some trade recommendations and take audience questions.
  3. until
    Last month the S&P500 extended its bull market streak to the longest ever. Having bottomed on 9 March 2009 the index has not had a single 20% pullback in over nine years – a staggering achievement. But as surely as night follows day a bear market will follow a bull market and in this JSE Power Hour Simon Brown, founder of Just One Lap, will look at what could trigger a bear market locally and internationally. He will also discuss how we survive a bear market. How we position our portfolio ahead of the bear and what to do while the bear is running free.
  4. This is my ETF portfolio. I'm interested to hear any thoughts on how you might tweak it and why... SYGWD 15% STXEMG 15% STXIND 15% SYGUS 14% GLPROP 7% SYGJP 7% STXQUA 7% ASHT40 7% STXRAF 7% ASHMID 6%
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