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  1. Aweosme to have you hear I am a avid reader of your site and bitcoinZar your article on how to avoid ICO scams will go a long way, so many people going blindly into this.


    Good to see everyone on here, you, luno, Ice3X, bitcoinZar etc.

  2. Hey there!


    Thank you for this post. I am new to the crypto world but I have been watching altcoins for a bit and I noticed XLM and I have a good feeling about it. If binance is not accepting new users at the moment, what are my other options?


    Thanks, xphiz


    Binance should re-open new registrations in the coming week. (They went from 900k to 3.2 million users is 4 weeks) They had to close down registrations to upgrade infrastructure.

  3. DADI ICO website


    What is DADI?

    DADI is a global, decentralized cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.


    Unlike existing centralized cloud services, DADI implements a fog computing structure - a decentralized pool of devices, all of which are connected to the Internet.


    With DADI there is no single authority that regulates computing resource distribution. The platform uses cost-efficient fog computing organized by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) rather than a centralized cloud structure, removing the need to pay in advance for private and monopolized cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.


    DADI's web services are organized around a microservices architecture that provides a series of intelligent apps for building digital products.


    To set up an API in AWS, you would first have to write an API wrapper in your language of choice, then you would need to rent an instance, install the required supporting software, push your code and move into a maintenance cycle. Things get even more complex if you need to scale to meet growing demand.


    With DADI, your only concern is your data. DADI API - one of DADI’s core web services - is available on demand, and will scale to meet your requirements seamlessly and automatically.


    Every digital product is powered by web services. And every business using the web will have the option to build on DADI’s platform at a price point unimaginable today. Moreover, all Internet users will be able to use DADI to generate passive income by providing their computational resources for rent.


    DADI represents a radical overhaul of the cloud computing sector. Its mission is to uphold the founding principles of the Web by democratizing computational power.

  4. Wonder (2017)



    The unusual pairing of Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts exceeded my expectation. There are points when you will reach out for some tissues but they're peppered with enough laughs along the way to make it well-balanced, extremely relevant and combined with a strong message

  5. Insightful research paper on Custom v. Standardized Risk Models


    Download link (Free): View PDF


    We discuss when and why custom multi-factor risk models are warranted and give source code for computing some risk factors. Pension/mutual funds do not require customization but standardization. However, using standardized risk models in quant trading with much shorter holding horizons is suboptimal: 1) longer horizon risk factors (value, growth, etc.) increase noise trades and trading costs; 2) arbitrary risk factors can neutralize alpha; 3) "standardized" industries are artificial and insufficiently granular; 4) normalization of style risk factors is lost for the trading universe; 5) diversifying risk models lowers P&L correlations, reduces turnover and market impact, and increases capacity. We discuss various aspects of custom risk model building.

  6. Guess this is as good a place as any, I removed the ICO and Other Cryptocurrency section from showing up on the latest threads sidebar, the thinking was that this is a finance (albeit traditional) forum first and most of the users landing on the forum are simply not that interested in foreign concepts, it's still available and will remain here, but the front page will be tailored for traditional finance.


    That is fine, we need a good balance, I think this created that. I absolutely appreciate the entire crypto addition to the site, but I also understand it can be a nightmare to govern since 90% is scams.


    So kudos

  7. Wall Street magnate John Bogle has warned investors to keep their money away from the bitcoin industry.


    Jack Bogle, a legendary investor and founder of Vanguard Group, an investment firm managing $4.5 trillion in global assets, has poured scorn on bitcoin as an asset at a time when the decentralized cryptocurrency is valued above $10,000.


    At 88 years old, the now-retired chairman of the Vanguard Group was present at a Council on Foreign Relations event in New York on Tuesday when an audience member sought his opinion on bitcoin.


    In remarks reported by Bloomberg, Bogle was sharp in his response, stating:


    "Avoid bitcoin like the plague. Did I make myself clear?"


    “Bitcoin has no underlying rate of return,” Bogle added, pointing to bonds relying on interest coupons, stocks with earnings and dividends. “Gold has nothing,” he added, before quickly turning to bitcoin again. “There is nothing to support bitcoin except the hope that you will sell it to someone for more than you paid for it,” he reportedly said.


    Bitcoin has gone stratospheric this year, rising nearly 1,100% since the turn of 2017 after hitting a fresh all-time high of $10,948 (Coinbase) today.


    Bogle is adamant in his belief that bitcoin is overvalued, opining that the value of the world’s first cryptocurrency could double before predicting a seismic correction.


    “It’s crazy to invest in the digital asset,” he said, adding:


    Bitcoin may well go to $20,000 but that won’t prove I’m wrong. When it gets back to $100, we’ll talk.


    Bogle is only the latest Wall Street figure to join the list of nearby naysayers. The most vocal and infamous quote of all came earlier in September when noted skeptic and JP Morgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon labeled bitcoin a “fraud” that will see someone “going to get killed.”

  8. Luno now accepts Ethereum, and users can buy, sell, send, receive, and store the token.


    Users who want to add an Ethereum wallet to their Luno account must:


    Sign in to Luno, toggle the menu, and select Wallets.

    Select the add wallet (+) icon.

    Select Add ETH wallet.

    Users will not be able to trade ETH on the Luno Exchange as yet, however.


    “Our mission at Luno is to bring digital currencies to everyone, everywhere. It is our view that we will end up with a multi-digital currency world and Ethereum is a step in that direction,” said Luno.

  9. Summary

    A subsection of the Bitcoin economy including prominent businesses such as Coinbase, Xapo, and BitPay have signed an agreement to adopt and implement a contentious hard fork of Bitcoin sometime in November. A hard fork is a backwards incompatible change to the Bitcoin network. This hard fork is not supported by the majority of the Bitcoin users and developers and is therefore a contentious hard fork. By adopting this hard fork, we believe the supporters of this agreement are shifting their users to an alternative currency (an altcoin) which is incompatible with Bitcoin.


    The signatories of this agreement wrongly believe that the currency created by adopting this contentious hard fork will eventually become Bitcoin. Therefore storing any BTC on services such as Coinbase, Bitpay and Xapo is strongly not recommended. By storing BTC on these services, you could find that after the hard fork, your BTC has been renamed to something else or replaced entirely with the new altcoin. The best way to ensure that your BTC is protected is to download the latest version of Bitcoin Core and transfer out any BTC stored on services that are a signatory to this agreement. We have listed the businesses supporting this contentious hard fork at the bottom of this document.


    For users who aren’t prepared to install Bitcoin Core and go through the lengthy set up process, we recommend a wallet such as GreenAddress or Electrum. Avoid using web wallets like blockchain.info. However users should only use these wallets to store their coins and never perform transactions until well after the hard fork. Any transactions you make on the Bitcoin blockchain can also be replicated and “replayed” on the altcoin chain. If the coins on the contentious hard fork have any value, there will be methods you can use to “split” your coins and have access to them. Pay extra attention to major Bitcoin communication channels and media shortly after the fork so you stay informed.


    Mobile wallets

    Miners in Bitcoin are responsible for transaction ordering through putting transactions into blocks, and collectively creating a chain of these blocks. Most mobile wallets depend on blindly trusting the longest chain produced by the miners in order to safely send and receive transactions. There is considerable mining power supporting the contentious hard fork. A majority of miners have pledged to support the contentious hard fork, therefore the longest chain as seen by most mobile wallets may not be the true block chain. As a result of this, spending money from a mobile wallet during a hard fork is dangerous. You will be vulnerable to many attacks as your wallet is not aware that the miners are breaking the consensus rules on the longest chain.


    If the contentious hard fork has failed and the majority of miners have broken their pledge to support the hard fork, it is safe to continue using mobile wallets, however you should check multiple sources of Bitcoin news such as this website, /r/bitcoin, and bitcoin.org to make sure that it’s safe to continue using your particular wallet. As a general rule, you should not perform any transactions during and shortly after the hard fork.


    After the fork

    Blocks may be slower shortly after the hard fork and your transactions will take longer to confirm. You will have to pay a higher transaction fee if your transaction is high priority and you want it confirmed in the next block. You should try to get any important transactions done a few days before the hard fork date. A lot of websites and programs will likely pop up around the time of the hard fork offering to split your Bitcoin so you can have access to both your BTC and to the new altcoin created by this contentious hard fork, you should exercise caution as many of these services are likely to be scams trying to steal your bitcoin. As the hard fork has very little replay protection, most transactions you perform on the Bitcoin network will also be valid on the hard fork network. You should keep this in mind when transacting.


    Some services may continue to present and name the altcoin created by this contentious hard fork as Bitcoin. Users should be aware that this new currency is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin can only be changed with the overwhelming consensus of the entire Bitcoin community of individuals, miners, developers and economy. Even when there is overwhelming consensus, unless in an emergency, a hard fork should have at least a year notice period to give enough time for users to upgrade. This hard fork being adopted by the signatories of this agreement achieves none of these things. It is a rushed and hasty upgrade which only has minority community support and has been thoroughly rejected by users and the technical community. As this new altcoin is not Bitcoin, Bitcoin.org will not list wallets and services that present this altcoin as “Bitcoin” or “BTC” to their users after the hard fork. These services have exited the Bitcoin system in a contentious manner and therefore are no longer useful to our visitors.


    The following companies and services have pledged to adopt the contentious hard fork:


    • Abra (United States)
    • Bitcoin.com (St. Kitts & Nevis)
    • BitPay (United States)
    • BitPesa (Kenya)
    • Blockchain.info (UK)
    • BTC.com (China)
    • Circle (United States)
    • Coinbase (United States)
    • Coins.ph (Phillipines)
    • GoCoin (Isle of Man)
    • Jaxx (Canada)
    • Luno (Singapore)
    • Ripio (Argentina)
    • Unocoin (India)
    • Xapo (United States)


    • ANX (Hong Kong)
    • Bitex (Argentina)
    • bitFlyer (Japan)
    • Bitso (Mexico)
    • BTCC (China)
    • BTER.com (China)
    • Coinbase (United States)
    • Coins.ph (Phillipines)
    • CryptoFacilities (UK)
    • Korbit (South Korea)
    • Safello (Sweden)
    • SFOX (United States)
    • ShapeShift (Switzerland)


    • 1Hash (China)
    • Bitcoin.com (St. Kitts & Nevis)
    • Bitfury (United States)
    • Bitmain (China)
    • Bixin.com (China)
    • Genesis Mining (Hong Kong)
    • ViaBTC (China)


    • Bitangel.com /Chandler Guo (China)
    • BitClub Network (Hong Kong)
    • Bloq (United States)
    • Civic (United States)
    • Decentral (Canada)
    • Digital Currency Group (United States)
    • Filament (United States)
    • Genesis Global Trading (United States)
    • Grayscale Investments (United States)
    • MONI (Finland)
    • OB1 (United States)
    • Netki (United States)
    • Purse (United States)
    • Veem (United States)

    Source: https://bitcoin.org/en/alert/2017-10-09-segwit2x-safety

  10. Here is why Bitcoin gold is shady and a scam you should dump it as soon as you get it, never buy it!


    Update 3: I've done a reverse whois lookup on their website, and found a ton of domains registered under the same email (not same IP) in their whois. the domains look super damn scammy by the way, you can check them out yourself here: https://i.imgur.com/HG31eie.png


    And for the actual list if you don't wanna see a picture, here: http://viewdns.info/reversewhois/?q=xiangliao%40gmail.com


    I got the email from: https://www.whois.com/whois/btcgpu.org BTG is, without a doubt, a complete scam.

    Looks like they tried running several ICOs, one of them is even still active called sandcoin.org (which is obviously a scam too)


    Update 2:

    Premined: https://github.com/BTCGPU/BTCGPU/pull/2

    Unfinished pow implementation: https://github.com/BTCGPU/BTCGPU/pull/15

    Replay protection not implemented (You might lose your Bitcoins if you try to transfer or sell your airdropped Bitcoin gold be careful!): https://github.com/BTCGPU/BTCGPU/issues/18

    No change of difficulty algorithm implemented (they will compete with other GPU-mined coin for hashpower)

    No commits merged to main public repo in last 21 days

    Without the difficulty fix alone, this coin will crater rapidly.

    Assuming it survives that, without replay protection, big exchanges won't list it, and wallets won't support it. The code is unfinished and in flux that no-one can seriously review it yet, and there's no commit for a testnet definition yet. (thanks to /u/StrawmanGatlingGun)


    Update 1: In their Website-Snapshot from the github (https://github.com/BTCGPU/website) they stated that the fork snapshot already processed: "Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a new proof-of-work cryptocurrency that will be hard forked from the Bitcoin blockchain on October 1 at block height 487427", which actually ended up being September 28th (https://blockchain.info/block-height/487427) partial info thanks to /u/rhuxx for the find.

    As some of you may know, Bitcoingold is attempting to fork Bitcoin at the 25th of October. However in the past they decided they'll fork during the Bitcoincash date, both of which have ended up confusing me thus I've decided to do more research on the matter.


    As I dug in deeper Bitcoingold started falling apart in front of my eyes losing all my trust in it. Here is what I've found.


    First I read about this to get a better idea behind it: https://medium.com/@EthereumRussian/is-another-hardfork-going-to-kill-bitcoin-bitcoin-gold-e49b24ad8a9


    The article mentioned there's been an ICO page, intrigued I decided to do a quick google search and found this 29 August bitcointalk thread that has more information regarding it: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2046790.0

    Along with the original Bitcoingold developer thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2133536.0

    It seems that they have possibly ran an ICO (Unsuccessfully most likely) but most certainly had premined the coin, thus I went to their website which at the time (9th of October) only ran a splash screen: http://btcgpu.org/ in an attempt to confirm my doubts.


    This didn't lead me far, I needed to confirm those claims by myself, thus I went to the wayback machine (a wayback machine takes snapshots of websites so you can tell what changed in a website over time) and picked the August 31 date of the bitcoingold website. https://web.archive.org/web/20170831032225/http://btcgpu.org/

    This confirmed the rumors, the website owners/original developers intended to run an ICO (which may or may not been successful) and also premined 16000 Blocks, worth at least 200,000 Bitcoin gold. The ICO price was supposedly 1 BTC = 10 BTG.


    Since they are holding that information away from us and hiding it, this makes me believe that, bitcoingold is infact a scam and an attempt to milk the Crypto community out of their money, please don't fall into this scam and don't buy bitcoingold, dump it and let others know you can even do your own research with the Wayback machine I linked above or any time machine.


    Regards, Faycal Kilali


    tl;dr BTG (Bitcoin gold is pre-mined 200,000+ BTG, and previously offered as an ICO, now they are trying to hide both of that information from us and telling people to dump their alts to get free "Bitcoin gold". the fork dates do not match, they specified different dates 3 times, once in their github page (1th october, and the block ended up being mined at 28th september) and a third time as 25th of october. all this combined information makes this me believe with no doubt that this is a scam in the making, and you should all dump your BTG as soon as you get it and never, ever buy BTG. also there is no replay protection, incomplete pow implementation, and no difficulity adjustment just the replay protection alone means you can lose your BTC by trying to sell/transfer your BTG, whois email associated domains shows complete scammy icos and domains registered under the email, this without a doubt they are 100% scammers.).


    From Reddit

  11. Well well well: https://techcentral.co.za/bitcoin-now-accepted-pick-n-pay/77019/


    For a limited time (trial run?)


    I saw that yesterday and thought that is quite interesting.


    My thinking is some of these JSE listed CEOs must be talking and one of them decided to give it a bash.


    Will be very interested to see how they maintain the price given the high volitile nature of bitcoin at this early stage.


    I also wonder if they will use the correct term and actually sell items in Satoshi instead of bitcoin.

  12. At this stage in the game, I think it's a "confidence" environment. When bitcoin is shaky or some bad crypto news comes out like China then people bail back to Fiat in a rush and that sparks panic and everyone sells especially the alt coins. 


    Reality is that Bitcoin is the only coin at this stage that has any influence with a market cap dominance of almost 49% (https://coindata.co.za/) it does not really have any competition or alternatives at this stage. If I had to dump 100 bitcoins I think I will rather bring it to fiat than stash it in an Alt coin. 


    When we lessen Bitcoins market dominance then people might park funds in alt coins to weather the storm in stead of taking it to fiat like they are doing now.



  13. No consolidation option yet.


    You essentially have an address per wallet other times multiple addresses for the same wallet, I just make sure I keep track of the wallets I have.


    I currently have a luno wallet should I move ZAR.


    Bulk is on blockcain.info and alt coins are stored on Jaxx.


    @Bitcoinzar, the hardware wallets those are still different addresses depending on coin correct?

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