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  1. O.k. I am suffering serious FOMO here. I just registered on Luno. Want to buy a small amount of BTC, and hopefully there is a pullback and I can get some more.


    Anyway, these hardware wallets, can they be used for BTC and ETH together, or do you need an alt-currency specific hardware wallet?

  2. Easy Equities is pathetic. The trading halt on Tawana has been lifted, but only availbale to buy on instruction on Easy Equities. It took them about 2 days to realize there was a trading halt, so I guess I can't expect it to be otherwise now.


    Anyway, will be moving on to a better platform next week.


    What do you buy/trade what is your style?


    What I want to do is buy and sell stock like on EasyEquities, but I want the ability to short stocks. I had a look at GT247, but I will buy anyone a bottle of wine who can figure out what goes on there.


    Then I looked at IG markets, but I am also not really sure what applies to me.


    I do not want geared positions or anything, just the ability to short a stock.


    Have look at Sharenet. I registered for a demo account last night, been playing with it for the day. I like it more than GT247, not to mention IG.

    Looks like you need to register a different account for CFD's though, which I have not done yet.


    I will register an Absa demo account and see which I prefer. Then I will bid Easy equities farewell....

  4. Easy Equities would be perfect if we could add a stop loss, put in a bid instead of whatever delayed price we get to buy, and short (CFD), but using the same interface witht the added abilities. I am willing to pay a little extra to activate these features....

    Anyone from Easy Equities here? Can you give feedback?


    Gt247 and IG..... Don't like it....

  5. Thanks guys. THanks Stealthy.

    So no TFSA then. Will leave it to them to hopefully one day use their allocation themselves.


    I will continue with the normal EE account... as per Stealthy on his website.

    I want them to see their savings grow. So I will involve them in this.



  6. I opened EE accounts for my children recently.


    I wanted to buy ETF's in the Tax Free account, but Now I am thinking, would it not be better to leave their tax free allocations to them for when they are adults, to take advantage of then, instead of me using a chunk now.


    THis is thinking way ahead, and I am making certain assumptions, plus hopefully the tax free allocations will increase.


    But it could help them save on taxes, plus it could motivate them to save and use the tax free benefit. Unless I use all or part of their allocations.


    Shall I rather buy same ETF's in normal accounts?


    Looking forward to your opinions.

  7. Who knew there was still life in TAS? Bet it'll go down tomorrow.... Hope I'm wrong though


    Wonder what TAW is going to do tomorrow.... Surely it's close to turning, wonder if I should take profit tomorrow, and buy again @ around 220 cps. Up 166% today on close....

  8. Thanks @Stanton-AlgoTrading


    I was actually lazy and didn't do real homework. Before it shot up with the weakening ZAR, I wanted to buy.

    Anyway, looking at your chart it makes sense that the downtrend would continue, especially if Zuma does not get away with getting rid of Pravin Gordhan, and the inevitable crash of the ZAR, which would be good for SOL in the short term.


    Thanks for the analysis.

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