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  1. Hi,I just wanted to get some help/advice if possible I am actually looking to buy some shares of Easy Equites I just want some advice,to know which shares do you guys recommend investing in(Preferably If @ A Low Price So I Can See Growth In The Long Run)(New Companies Also) and also what Efts you guys recommend :)


    Thanks For Any Feedback,All Appreciated :)


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  2. I would say "YES", to investing in some bitcoin. It is not expensive in terms of how much you want to spend. You can buy bitcoin to the value of R5 if you would like to.



    If I do want to buy one can you please explain me were to go ? And do I have to go online every day or can I just leave it for a while ?

  3. Do you want the common sense version or the high stakes risk/reward version that most of the younger folk on this forum subscribe to?


    Common sense:

    1. Makes sure you have insurance (as in income protection, dread disease cover etc)

    2. Settle your debt (as in bad debt...credit cards etc)

    3. Build up your emergency fund (as in 6 month's worth of expenses)

    4. Invest


    4.1. If you don't have a pension fund, get an RA. Even if it is just for a small amount you'll at least get to take some advantage of the tax break they provide.

    4.2 Set up your core investments. Unit trusts, ETFs etc. These provide a solid bedrock for capital growth and is for the long term (Buying property will probably fall in this category and with some clever financial gymnastics your emergency fund will be part of your access bond)

    4.3. Once all the boring stuff above is sorted out and you are more financially secure, you move into satellite high risk/reward investments including Bitcoin


    I'm not a financial advisor so you should still speak to one but they'll more or less give you a similar view.


    OR ... Young Investor Version

    "I don't really understand the difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin but I heard it is the future so pump all your cash into here and HODL. You'll thank me in three years"


    And you may very well have to write this young bloke with no real financial obligation like a family and school fees a thank you card in three years because you may end up super rich


    I did take out some investments though I always look for more

  4. Hi,can you please help me with FNB Investments....i am confused with the following,I don't understand the difference!What is it?


    Share Builder 


    Share Investor 


    Share Saver 


    If not should I take it out with fnb or some one else if you do know who please explain why?and also how many shares you guys think I should invest in or buy ?

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