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  1. My mobile is through my business so that is not a problem. I think we will get to a stage where everything moves over to data so you won't have a need for airtime, looks like this new Rain offering might be pretty decent, maybe have a look at their data prices. Medical aid and other types of insurance is a tough one because it's something I think everyone hates paying but you can't really go without it. The trick is probably a balance, what you really need and can afford should be all that you have. There is no need to sign up to every second policy like for example having life insurance worth 10 bar if you only need cover for 2 bar. Still sucks paying it though.
  2. I don't owe anything on my car and not planning on getting anything new now, have three years left on my wife's car but it's s small car and the installments aren't that high. Will phone around to the other banks to see if they can offer something worth moving for.
  3. Hey all, So over the last couple of months I have been looking at small ways to decrease my monthly expenses. At this point in time all of my extra money is going into my bond with the aim to pay off my house over the next three years if all goes well, if I can manage that my bond will have gone from 100 to zero in just 6 years! For those who have bonds, what are your interest rates if I may ask? My bond is with ABSA and is currently sitting at 10.6%. My next stage of savings is trying to see if I can get this reduced by at least 0.5%. Second to this I am looking at changing the banking plan that I am on and it looks like this can save me a further R150 per month without taking away any of the facilities I am currently using. -EH
  4. Does anyone think there will be tariffs on Netflix in future? I found it funny that a massive corporation (aka monopoly) is asking the government for help but I guess that is what happens when you have no competition, you end up having no creativity.
  5. Shops are a bunch of crooks in my opinion and I don't think the system is regulated in any way. The worst thing is how easily they hand out credit and normally to those who cannot afford it, I think the majority of people will pay debts for their entire lives. One can probably argue that people should know better but in some instances the system should not make it this easy.
  6. Every bit of the economy struggles but people will keep drinking...
  7. I also have Dischem, bought at R22.60. Was close to 60% green in December 2017, now sitting around 19% odd. I do have some reserve funds in my account, if it goes to below 10% again I will buy some more. I have the same feeling, aiming for the Clicks return in the long run.
  8. I'm -38%, don't have a lot invested but I would prefer to see green. It's a longterm hold for me anyway though.
  9. Awesome site, thanks for the share.
  10. There are some changes to the USD side of EE: https://support.easyequities.co.za/support/solutions/articles/13000049728-how-does-the-easyequities-currency-transfer-solution-work-?utm_campaign=US%20Transfers&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=63397918&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--OM1vzwqEz4ztce3-O-Hx_vkn8ytXF0V7rBpf-KUnEvzmrM2ce_HV2ntMbBF2Y9ZgEAQxYDjFrhb7BQTGnULqnN9ty7g&_hsmi=63397918
  11. Share your notes with us afterwards, I won't be going.
  12. I'm sure I read somewhere that Sanlam was planning a dual listing. Will do some googling to see if I can find the article.
  13. Do a lot of reading, there is a massive amount of information out there. My best tip will probably be to look at cost, what are the fees associated with the platform you are using. I'm not saying always go for the cheapest option, but saving 1% on fees over a 20-30 year period can have a big impact.
  14. I thought I got in at a decent price at R6.79 but the last two weeks haven't been pretty, I'm down 32%. At least this is a longterm hold for me. Maybe I should buy more.
  15. Hi guys, Does anyone know of companies listed on the JSE that are involved in the local renewable energy sector? I am doing some reading but it seems that the most involvement is abroad. With the new deal being signed this week where Eskom will be contracted to buy renewable energy from the private sector it might be a good field to get into. Also, there is a big focus on increasing that industry over the next couple of years.
  16. The single stock I am looking for is not available on EE, they only have selected stocks listed.
  17. Ok so I think I have made up my mind to finish the tax year. As said earlier, my TFSA looks like this: Local: INDI25 - 20% STXQUA - 20% PTXTEN - 5% International: STXWDM - 20% STXEMG - 20% SYG4IR - 10% GLPROP - 5% In my wife's account the plan is to split it as follows: CTOP50 PTXTEN STXDIV ASHGEQ GLODIV (The new Coreshares Global Dividend Aristocrats) The main idea is to diversify this from my own TFSA. I have not decided on percentages yet but it will probably be 50/50. I'd like to get some big chunks into the dividend ETFs in hoping that they will make up in dividends what they might lack in growth. All dividends will be reinvested.
  18. Not a day-trading question but can someone give me an idea of where to buy US Stocks? I have one I am busy looking at but it is not available on the EE platform.
  19. So, another quick thought. I have some extra funds in my bond and I am contemplating taking out R33k and filling up my wife's TFSA account. I think there is a bit more longterm benefit and I plan to replace the funds I take out of my bond in a relatively short period after Feb. So, this is the split in my account: Local: INDI25 - 20% STXQUA - 20% PTXTEN - 5% International: STXWDM - 20% STXEMG - 20% SYG4IR - 10% GLPROP - 5% The idea is to build up something slightly different in the second account which will allow for even more diversification. From some of my old notes I am somewhere here: CTOP50 ASHT40 (or satrix) PTXTEN ASHGEQ SYGWD I am looking for some more international ones though. Think the two that I have selected overlap too much. Maybe I should keep ASHGEQ and add STXEMG, even though it is in my portfolio as well I think it is a great ETF. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  20. I am waiting the the Discovery Bank listing, think that can be a cracker. They already have access to a lot of potential customers.
  21. They need to do a bit more, I'm still in the red.
  22. Mmm...I am not nearly clued up enough but I like the way you think. Just for my own clarity, what is the main difference between 1 and 2? I have Dis-Chem share through EasyEquities profile, under which one of the point will that fall?
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