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  1. Hey guys, Looking to implement a Warehouse Management System in a small warehouse with about 500 SKU`s. I need to keep track of stock and what is getting dispatched on a daily basis. 


    I need something that is not costly and be easy to use. 


    We have 2 small warehouses a retail space and office which ideally need to be linked.


    Any recommendations.



  2. I listen to JustoneLap's podcasts, it helps it does clear some questions, but that alone is not enough, for ages I did not know where else to go, because the advisors my parents used were the typical type, either pushing a product or stuttering when their answers don't cut it.


    I did a random google "How to invest on the JSE" and saw a thread from PW, I was hooked ever since, it's like a different type of guidance I get here, I mean we don't always agree and finance is definitely not a one size fits all, but so much wealth of information comes out of these threads, like this one: https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-Critique-my-ETF-portfolio people discussing ETFs I did not even know exists like the emerging markets one, this platform is such a great source of knowledge already.



    Yea, Im glad I found PW, has opened my eyes and gives a platform to share and grow

  3. So today I was at lunch with my gran, and I mentioned that this year I have started investing in stocks and ETFS ...


    Well that turned another direction...


    She was not happy at all, telling me to be careful and thats when I stopped ( thank goodness I didnt mention Bitcoin)



    She advised me that I must go and see her advisor at Allen Gray- :dodgy: 


    She said my brother (17) and I must first buy property (im only 19) 


    So the point is who do you speak to in your friend/ family circle or do you only share on PW?

  4. Saw an interesting quote on another website about Grand Parade Investments



    So my question, who here is investing in GPI?


    In the new year as DD expands to more locations, when I spoke to the Head of DD SA he said they have to open 300 DD`s with in 5-9 years

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