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  1. What's your thoughts on Satrix World?

    It's basically back to where it was, I'm just cautious to what could still happen in the US.

    I'm currently up 23%, but I dunno, I'm feeling very uncertain about this.

  2. Hi.

    If you miss the 29'th deadline, you've basically missed out on a whole year's worth of contributions into your TFSA.

    The current tax year ends on the 29'th, hence all the publicity the TFSA's are getting.


    You have a R33 000 contribution limit during a tax year, which usually runs from 1st of March to the end of Feb the following year.

    The current 2020 tax year is: 1 March 2019 - 29 February 2020.


    If you plan on making the allotted R33 000 yearly limit, then depositing some funds into your TFSA before the 29'th would be wise, as you can then still continue contributing up to the allowed limit for the rest of the year.


  3. Hey guys,

    This thread also got me looking at my tfsa.


    Would it be advisable to get rid of either my coreshares top50 or satrix divi plus, and use that to invest in ptxten ?

    I currently have 11K in each.

    Top50 is currently 3.9% down (- R470)

    Divi plus is currently 1.2% down (-149)


    Or would it be better to start from scratch with ptxten ?



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  4. 13 minutes ago, SaurusDNA said:

    Even though it's only until 20 September, most of them on that list will probably do it for you for free anytime.

    It's how many conveyancers get new clients   😉

    Thank you Sir.

    I had a look through the list and I see the attorneys used by the seller of the property I bought two years ago are on the list.

    I'll definitely reach out to them to enquire.

  5. 1 minute ago, SaurusDNA said:

    Coincidentally, this week is National Wills Week (or "Free will" week) at many participating attorneys in South Africa.


    A list of participating attorneys who will do your will for free can be found on the website of the "Law Society of South Africa"



    But many other attorneys who didn't send their names through will still do it for you.

    That's awesome.

    Thank you very much.

  6. Aaaaand, I'm back for more financial assistance 🤣


    I have 6K sitting in my TFSA, I want to use to buy MSCI World shares.

    I have not pulled the trigger yet, as my profit on said is currently 20% up.


    My thoughts are to leave the 6K and earn the daily R1 interest and wait for the share price to fall slightly before buying more, to try and get that little bit extra out of it.


    Does this make sense ?

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