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  1. You can buy litecoin straight off of Ice3x.com. They're South African and their platform is quite nice.


    You can still shift it using gatehub but you'll have to store it in a wallet and then shift it back to Bitcoin and send it to luno or another exchange if you want to sell it in the future


    Okay lets say i buy it using gatehub i wana invest in it and let it grow


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  2. I want to start invest in Litecoin. M just little confused on the procedure.


    #1 I buy bitcoins using Luno

    #2 exchange my bitcoins in gatehub.net

    And then what happens next


    I just let it sit there.. m confused

  3. Hi All


    I am new to crypto currency and this forum.

    What are your view on the below crypto's  - if you have to buy some which one's would you go for ?


    2.Factom - $29.0208 Rank#13

    3.MaidSafe $0.5569 Rank#16

    5.Ripple $0.2930 Rank#4

    6.Litecoin $29.1008 Rank#3

    7.Dogecoin $0.00339639 Rank#5

    8.Siacoin $0.01 Rank#6

    9.Monero $55.15  Rank#7

    10. Dash $144.76 Rank#8


    Thanks !!



    Ripple ( its centralized)


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