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  1. Hahah, thanks. I bought up again today. Just wish I put in more from the beginning. Anticipating a bumpy ride though in the future but with this one I will stick it out.
  2. @ this point to be honest im not to sure....
  3. @spreadsheet ranger, you must be happy with SDNs performance today?
  4. Sure you are, geez, what a killing you have made. I see for the past week it has been testing the upper bound of R118,000 and seems to now be dropping slightly....wonder if the turning point is coming soon? Any thoughts?
  5. 38% up today already. Dam maybe I should buy up some more[FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]
  6. Awesome article, thanks Outlook. Im really annoyed that I didn't get in @ 30c becuase I was watching it quite closely and zinc and copper are two of the few great commodities to be in. But at least I got in now and super excited to see what these guys will do.
  7. Read the same extract and also thought stuff it, Joffe will make it a sucess in the LT.[emoji23]
  8. Funnily enough I also bought up in long4life this week.
  9. Completely in agreement there, the bubble will burst esp. for bitcoin, just a matter of time. Must be stressful holding bitcoin now deciding when to bow out or face losing ALOT or face missing out on even more growth if you do exit...think I will stay out of this game.
  10. Stadio on winning streak at the moment. Up to R7.10
  11. Nope, mine went through straight away @ 96c but had to buy in tranches of R56 so it took awhile[FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]
  12. Expecting great things from these guys. More CP s completed today.
  13. I really wanted to buy in @ 30c and for some silly reason I held off and watched it rising... regret that now.
  14. Yeah I see. And prospects are looking better and better. Ive taken a big risk and invested in them today. This is going to be a very LT investment and my only one in the resource sector as mining will only begin in 2 to 3 years but I have faith in these big AUS mining and exploration companies. I am working with one now in Moz and they know what they doing and are progressing very fast. Expecting a very bumpy ride, but il hold out.
  15. I personally strongly believe in ETFs, especially for LT investment.
  16. I have 2 ETFs, treating me very well, satrix indi, coreshares S&P 500 and one unit trust through coronation. Over and above that keep about 10% of the total in shares, about 10 companies.
  17. Thanks guys was a super insightful webinar, look forward to Decembers.
  18. Thanks guys, appreciate the input.
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