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  1. On another news, I may have called orion wrong. Should have sold when I doubled my money @ R1.80. Oh well...guess im playing the LT game now.
  2. Awesome, yea familiar with 10x so I will look into them, my first check is the fees and then penalty fees so thanks for the heads up @bandit
  3. Waiting on my financial planner to send through some options, to narrow my search down. Will advise once I know.
  4. Im taking out an RA early next year so that I cant start taking advantage of the tax break.
  5. Look into bestmed beat 2 option aswell. 1554 pm, and I have had no issues with them over the past 5 years. I am on a savings plan as well and the PVT hospital option so you can bring that cost down dramatically if you go hospital plan.
  6. Yes agreed, Gap cover should be 500% cover. Anything below that means it most likely will not.be sufficient in the unlikely event you require it. I have Gap cover through ZestLife. Quite expensive but it offers alot of additional coverage like 50 out pateint procedures as well.
  7. On a serious note really like the fact that they operate largely in Nambia. Good emerging economy for growth. Both Botswana and Namibia are really progressive and expanding markets to be in. But not sure about Trusts share price...havent looked into it but they are on my tracking shares list.
  8. Heard they found the 20th largest diamond in the world @ 426 carrots last week if that helps[emoji23]
  9. Curro far to expensive at the moment, I would stay away. STADIO is growing very fast, and their future looks bright. Personally I am invested in Advtech and Stadio. So far so happy.
  10. Nice. I sold out at R5.15. Basically came out at what I put in. Decided I wasn't to sure where things were going. Thought I would wait and see before I jump in again.
  11. I know....cannot find any reasons as to why...but im not fussed... will ride this one out for a very long time before I call it quits.
  12. @Purply any thoughts or comments from your side? Would greatly appreciate it.
  13. Anyone holding shares in PPC? Been reading up about them quite alot and seems like they are in a good position to start performing well within the next 2 years? Any comments or thoughts?
  14. L4L moving closer and closer to R4. Currently @R4.50
  15. These are all from SENS. I downloaded the sharenet app to track my portfolio movements and I watch the SENS updates thread throughout the day.
  16. @groovy, yeah I hope so! Share has taken a slight dive today, but so has most of the market it seems.
  17. First investment was Pembury. Hurting @ the moment but hoping next year will be a winner for them.
  18. I see L4L is losing more ground. Prehaps a R4 bottom out is realistic.
  19. Indirectly invested in them through ETFs.
  20. More positive news from Orion.
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