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  1. 14 hours ago, JamesYellen said:

    Do you guys think they will be around for the next election, got the idea they (Duncan and Kanthan) just tried their luck to get a seat to put some ideas forward in parliament, but they are not really intending to start a political career.


    It would be really interesting to see if capitalists would want to go into politics full time. 


    My bet - they go quiet for 4 years and start making noise again sometime 2023.

  2. So five more years of the same old shiaat with one BIG difference - now there might be 80 EFF guys in parliament to cause chaos :D


    This is either a long term strategy by the DA to lose their "white" image or a massive reality check for them. No growth at all (in fact, it looks like negative growth at the moment). They'll need to do something to remain relevant.


    Maybe the future lies in parties like ZACP whose fundamentals are based on business and race/culture like almost every other party out there.

  3. I use CoreShares. Limited to only the CoreShare ETFs but they are amongst the best out there so that's not an issue. Only have an ETF portfolio with them though and haven't moved my TFSA there yet but at some stage I might.


    The difference between them and a platform like EasyEquities is that your trades (buy and sell) aren't instant and takes a couple of business days. So it is not a trading platform (best to stick with EE or ABSA then) but a very good long term investment platform. The pricing is also very good and it becomes cheaper than EE at higher amounts (can't remember what that amount is though).

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  4. 5 hours ago, KristineRoper said:

    What is the main purpose of the software?

    We use software for all sorts of things, like people posting links to their sites purely for link referral purposes and not for adding value to the community. This software then allows us to issue a warning or just straight up ban the person if they don't fix it.

  5. Well, I know it is a late reply but the login screen in the browser just hangs.


    EDIT: After trying again it worked. Not sure what their systems are doing during login but it's always been a sluggish affair.

  6. Eskom has been making it difficult for me for quite some time now. There are power issues in the complex we moved into and we cannot operate stoves, washing machines and kettles (stuff that makes other stuff warm). Geyser is fine though, luckily.


    Now there is loadshedding.


    Add to that me struggling to get my fibre going between Clear Access and Afrihost.


    I'm so used to living in the stone age and sacrificing meat out on the patio every night, I don't think it phases me that much any more :D

  7. We had a cat but found it a new home (a proper cat lady). He was bored, couldn't really go outside and tore birds apart in the home every other day. Wife's allergies didn't help either... but I kinda miss the guy 😕


    Anyway, I've been wanting to get a small dog to double as an alarm but the thought of cleaning up the lawn, booking him into a kennel every time we go away for more than two days and the potential noise/complaints from neighbours in the estate just puts me off. Can get a "quiet" dog like an Italian Greyhound but... meh.


    So no pets for me. It silently kills me inside because I grew up in a house with many many dogs 😢

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  8. I own unit trusts only in the form of pension and RAs.


    RA - Allan Gray Balanced Fund

    Pension - 10X


    Kicked Stanlib to the curb but it had more to do with getting away from my financial advisors hold on it. Didn't understand their pricing at all. Very happy with what I have currently :)

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  9. So regarding the new NewFunds Volatility Managed ETFs (I might be a bit late to the party):


    NFEDEF - Defensive

    http://etfcib.absa.co.za/products/Exchange Traded Funds/equity/VolatilityManagedDefensiveEquityETF/Pages/default.aspx


    NFEMOD - Moderate Equity

    http://etfcib.absa.co.za/products/Exchange Traded Funds/equity/VolatilityManagedModerateEquityETF/Pages/default.aspx


    NFEHGE - High Growth Equity

    http://etfcib.absa.co.za/products/Exchange Traded Funds/equity/VolatilityManagedHighGrowthEquityETF/Pages/default.aspx


    Sounds "cool" but looking at the annualised returns over 5 years (NFEDEF: 5.1%, NFEMOD: 6.8%, NFEHGE: 6.2%) I have to ask myself why I wouldn't play it save with a 32 day account at 6.95% or any of the various other guaranteed return vehicles offering better returns ?

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  10. 1 minute ago, SaurusDNA said:

    I guess the annual limits of Tax free investment accounts will remain at R33000 for the third year in a row then...    ?


    It helps to think of TFSAs as an initiative by government to get the poorer middle class to save and we the "rich" are misusing it ?


    Country is already strapped for cash so I doubt we'll get more tax breaks any time soon.

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  11. 17 hours ago, Spreadsheet Ranger said:

    I did not listen to the whole budget, was away.

    I see businessinsider reported that government will give first-time buyers subsidies through its Our Help to Buy scheme.

    Anyone know where I can get info on this "Help to Buy scheme", I tried google'ing but could not find much.


    I don't have any info on it but I reckon you are not, erm, poor enough to qualify...

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  12. If we're going down the route of saying most of the JSE listing have offshore exposure then this whole topic is moot.


    Your RA and pension is 70% JSE. Your home is 100% RSA (unless you own property offshore, but then you're probably not reading this thread). For most that is the bulk of their wealth and we're not even mentioning any cash and other assets you have locally.


    Your TFSA being so small by comparison can just as well go 100% offshore.


    But to each their own: if you are renting and don't have an RA then this all changes.

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