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  1. Bogle

    Local ETFs

    Different approach: if you think local think emerging markets. Rather invest in STXEMG instead of a local ETF. There is a discussion somewhere on the forum on the correlation between local vs emerging market index.
  2. The Sygnia skeleton balanced funds are cheap with TIC=0.55% and is also a good choice. It got cheaper over the year, the reason might be that the funds holdings are Sygnia ETFs. Together with my RA, I use my TFIA to increase my offshore holdings, so no local equities outside RA.
  3. I posted this graph in a post some time ago, its a year old but one can find the updated one on msci's website. I have SYGWD and STXEMG market ETF's in my portfolio with equal weighting. This makes me sleep well at night!
  4. The JSE and Msci Emerging markets index are highly correlated and emerging market index outperformed local equities the last 5 years. I would change the local exposure to STXEMG only. Less risk for similar performance and no "if" the local market bounces back scenarios...
  5. I only own 2 ETFs: STXEMG - 50 % STXWDM - 50 % See graph attached, emerging market index and the local market does not differ that much over time. If I should add a local one it will be NFEMOM.
  6. I just want to add on the above post. See attach the newfunds GOVI index(blue) vs DBXWD(yellow) for the last year. I must say I like the negative correlation between the two.
  7. I have the same thinking here. Invest only in a world equity index tracker + local government bonds. See this link: http://monevator.com/why-a-total-world-equity-index-tracker-is-the-only-index-fund-you-need/. No back testing though for our local marker, but the direction the world is heading, a world equity index tracker seems like the most logical choice and one can hold this fund 'forever'.
  8. Here is the latest factsheet. And here is the marketing sheet Does not need to be Sygnia just want to know if anybody else is using something similar. Is that only available via a TFSA/TFSI or can I buy that fund as part of my normal savings, because it looks like the sort of split I would like to focus on for 5 years as a medium term hold along side my DIY EasyEquities portfolio. I'm sure its available outside the TFSA, I also have this alongside my DIY EE portfolio. Might also consider investing in it outside of my TFSA as its tax efficient since they can change the asset allocations in a unconstrained manner without CGT penalties since its done inside the fund.
  9. Here is the latest factsheet. And here is the marketing sheet Does not need to be Sygnia just want to know if anybody else is using something similar.
  10. Does anyone here have their TFIA in a Worldwide Flexible Fund? I think its a good option for those who don't want to do asset allocation by themselves. Sygnia has one which is a multi asset portfolio where each asset class are index trackers.
  11. Nice article about factors on Moneyweb: http://www.moneyweb.co.za/investing/a-different-approach-to-equities/ This is basically what the Fairtree Smart beta fund is all about. The fund manager switches between the factors.
  12. Hey Hamster, I own some unit trusts and ETFs. My RA is with Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 70 fund and my TFSA is in the Sygnia Worldwide Flexible fund. I also have a smart beta unit trust with Fairtree which combines 4 factors in one fund: Value, Momentum, Volatility and Quality. Its an index tracking passive fund, the active component lies in the selection between these 4 factors. Also have the Coreshares DIVTRX and LVLTRX in my Easy Equities TFSA account which I will transfer to my Sygnia TFSA. Currently the Sygnia funds and Fairtree Smart Beta fund does everything I need. I tried ETFs but it does not work for me. For one My Sygnia flexible fund can change the allocations to the different asset classes and international equities in an unconstrained manner. With ETFs I don't have this flexibility without triggering capital gains tax if I want for instance increase my offshore weighting. The same for the Smart beta fund. This is all done with low fees. For me personally I will pass on ETFs.
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