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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, hope you dont mind me asking a question.


    I followed everything 100%. I sent the coins from bitfinex to the wallet and whilst it was processing I exited the wallet and then opened it again and now I cant see my coins in the wallet.


    The seed changes every time you go to that link so I am not sure where my coins are now. Whem I sent it I could se umder the history tab that its processing but after going back in again I cant see it, it just shows 0.


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    You are welcome,themowgs.

    Right, you can just leave ATB Coins on your wallet and wait when it will increase

    One moment please. Could you write here is everything is ok with your investments a little bit later?


    wish you all the best.


    Don't forget about our lottery.


    Thanks, appreciate it. I will give it another 24 hours to reflect in my account and take it from there.


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    You should wait a little.

    Check please your transaction here https://blockchain.info/address/{YOUR_WALLET_HERE} . You need more than 3 confirms


    Thanks. I have no idea what the confirms are but will give it a day.


    The other thing I want to know, seeing as I know nothing about ICO, what do I do after receiving the funds in my ATB account? Do I need to buy something else or is it the same as buying say BTC or ETH? I can just leave it there and wait?


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    Is the payment on luno's side pending or on ATB?


    I have noticed lately that payments I do on luno takes hours.


    See if there is an option on luno to cancel your order, if there is then it means its pending on Luno's side.


    On Luno's side its shows pending but when going to the transaction it shows "processing" but it has been like that for 5 hours now.


    Unable to cancel it.

  5. I am either extremely stupid today or something is wrong. I received my btc but when going to the exchange I am unable to buy xrp. I cannot select BTC to XRP and when selecting my hosted wallet it just gives an error message saying I need a Ripple wallet.

  6. Thanks Spreadsheet Ranger! That was a big help. I took a slightly different approach and thought I'd share...


    1) Sent BTC via Luno to GateHub;

    2) Used BTC to buy/exchange XRP in GateHub;


    Wish I did this a little earlier before the surge in XRP's price! Can you believe that XRP is almost double their last week's high ($15bil from $8bil) ?!?!


    This is crazy! 


    I think the big three are safe bets: BTC, XRP and ETR - but not sure who  the next contender will be? I like Golem and a few others...Anyone else have an opinion on a crypto currency thats under performing right now?


    I followed the tutorial to register on Gatehub but for the love of me am unable to send BTC from Luno to Gatehub to buy Ripple. Could you, or anyone else perhaps help me to do this?


    Then also, is there a way to see what your XRP is worth in ZAR?


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