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  1. I use poloneix and find it best for converting my btc - > ethereum.
  2. So I have tested and reviewed a lot of ethereum wallets including exchange wallets some of which are horrible. The best one that is most easy to use is cex.io. It has excellent 2 level security where one needs their cellphone to login and easiest UI. Love it every bit. Second alternative is myetherwallet https://myetherwallet.com/ . It is great for the paranoid ones since you store your own private key. So even if the website goes offline, you can get the package from github and run it on your computer. The only thing you would need is your private key. That is it. Avoid poloneix because they keep disabling the withdraw and deposit feature on their website – especially when the price is fluctuating a lot. I lost quite a bit due to this problem. I had to convert ETH -> XRP and then do the transfer. You can find the best ethereum wallets of 2017 here http://ethereumfaq.org/best-ethereum-wallet-eth-0653/
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