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  1. We are happy to announce that ATB Coin cryptowallet has outreached the line of 20K downloads on MAC and Windows devices. The interest to our currency sparkled just after ATB Coin has been enlisted in Yahoo Financial Chart. The majority of downloads are coming from the following countries: the US, Russian Federation, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Poland, and Germany. We are proud to provide the best service by enabling swift transactions, small charge fees, and absolute financial freedom.
  2. After a small delay, we have resumed the partnership with Exrates.me. In our previous post, we explained why the collaboration with the mentioned above crypto-exchange platform was suspended. Minor misunderstandings, generally connected to the high commission fees the platform expected to receive and the technical issues they experienced in September didn’t help us to find common ground. Anyway, the partnership is back on track and ATB Coin is charged with hope to facilitate our cooperation! Feel free to trade ATB tokens for BTC, ETH, USD, etc.
  3. Lightning Network is Optimizing ATB Coin Wallet Transactions ATB Coin is happy to adopt the Lightning Network technology to the needs of our users. The two versions for Mac and Linux are being tested now and we are actively working on the compatibility of Lightning Network technology with Windows. At this stage, the start of the Lightning Network will be solved by adding a third-party solution called Eclair. At the moment, it is the most reliable version of the system. For the full operation of the Lightning Network, two applications will work simultaneously. ATB WALLET and Ecl
  4. ATB Coin HitBTC Listing – One of the Largest World Crypto-Exchanges! Dear Investors! We are pleased to announce the agreement and the successful resolution of all formalities, which resulted in the ATB Coin token being added to the HitBTC exchange – one of the world’s largest crypto-exchanges. The daily trading volume of the HitBTC is more than $160,000,000. This indicator puts the exchange as fourth place in the world for terms of total trading volume! HitBTC offers the exchange the majority of digital currencies to Bitcoins, as well as the most famous altcoins. The
  5. Alpha Version of ATB Coin Wallet is Available for Android Now Dear Investors! At the moment, the final testing of the multi-currency ATB Coin Wallet for the Android platform is being held. The mobile version of the ATB Wallet contains a full range of functions and benefits. This release is called the alpha version, though please be observant to some precautions when using the application: – Do not transfer large amounts of ATB Coin and Bitcoin prior to the official release of the ATB Coin Wallet – Do not pass the secret phrase obtained during registration to third-par
  6. New Version of ATB Coin Wallet to Provide Mining Starting from today, the new versions of ATB Coin Wallet 1.0.1 are available to all users. Download updated wallets for WINDOWS, MAC OS, and LINUX following the link. The main update of this release is the addition of the Proof-of-stake (PoS) mining capability. This protocol for confirming cryptocurrency transactions is characterized by its ecological compatibility and does not require the use of energy resources for coin mining. When using this method, the algorithm for generating blocks with transactions does not depend on the
  7. Localtrade.pro Exchange Provides Trading in ATB / BTC /ATB / USD Currency Pairs Dear Investors! ATB Coin has been listed on another exchange as of today! We inform you about new trading opportunities for ATB Coin and invite to try out the localtrade.pro cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment, the currency pairs available for trading are ATB / BTC and ATB / USD. We hasten to assure our users: it’s just the beginning! ATB Coin plans to expand its presence on large and prospective crypto-exchange platforms, offering its investors more opportunities to multiply their investmen
  8. ATB Coin Listing on Exrates.me Now all ATB Coin users can trade on the new cryptocurrency exchange exrates.me. Currently, the following currency pairs are available at this site: ATB / BTC and ATB / USD. Exrates is a young and promising project. At the moment, 33 different currency pairs are available on the exchange and also a handy mobile application for Android and iOS. Very soon we are expecting other major events, such as the official launch of the mobile wallet on the Android platform. We care about the safety of your finances, for this reason we are doing everything
  9. Dear Investors! 14 September the conference CoinAlts Fund Symposium was held, in which representatives of ATB Coin took part. Herbert W. Hoover also found time in his busy schedule to meet with potential partners and find new contacts. The event, devoted to blockchain technologies, gathered a lot of participants from different countries of the world, including representatives of large crypto-exchanges, financial organizations, and well-known international services, including: Bitpay Coindesk Kraken Hedge Fund Alert Uber, etc The conference provided all participants
  10. ATB Coin Enters Cryptocurrency Exchange Yobit.net Dear Investors! Today ATB Coin went on sale at the first cryptocurrency exchange yobit.net. The daily trading volume of Yobit is $6,542,810. At the present moment, you can trade in the ATB / BTC currency pair. Negotiations are underway with our other partners. Follow the developments on our website! We remind you that yesterday we announced the official launch of the ATB Coin blockchain network. Many users have already transferred their coins to their wallets. Once again, we warn that in any case you can not pass your
  11. ATB Coin Congratulates Users on Successful Network Launch! Today, September 14th, the official blockchain launch of the decentralized ATB Coin cryptocurrency takes place, which is designed to become one of the fastest and technologically advanced digital currencies in the world! ATB Coin team congratulates and sincerely expresses gratitude to all users, investors, and also those who participated in the development of the project in the early stages! As you know, for the first time the platform was presented at the presentation conference in New York on June 8th this year. Thank
  12. ATB Coin Accrual Instructions are Available Now Dear Users and Investors! ATB Coin team would like to notify everyone about successfuly genesis block forming, which lasted from September 1st to September 13th. It means that starting from September 14th, 12 pm (EST) every investor following to the step-by-step instructions will be able to download an official wallet for balance transfering to their personal ATB Coin account: 1. After previous wallet version deleting,download the wallet again. 2. Click “Money share” from wallet menu. 3. Then you need to enter yo
  13. #OFF MESSAGE Dear members, Some governmental entities applied clear regulations to the ICO platforms around the world. Therefore we have suspended ATB Coin network launch and are implementing changes to the distribution process. We start generating the Genesis block right now as we speak and within 7 days all investors shall receive ATB Coins. Starting from 00:00:00 UTC 2017/09/08. no change is allowed to the blockchain network. ATB Coin distribution: September, 14 Thank you, ATB Coin Team Please don't forget about our Telegram chat and Slack. Online
  14. Blockchain Explorer ATB Coin Operates in Test Mode and Prepares for Transition into Blockchain System Dear Users! Insight ATB Coin, the resource for viewing statistical data on ATB Coin cryptocurrency transactions in the public domain, still operates in the test mode, but is preparing for the upcoming release. At the moment, developers are transferring information from the investors’ balance sheets to the blockchain in order to improve the level of control over the exact distribution of purchased coins. After the information has been entered into the blockchain, then the w
  15. Thank you for choosing ATB Coin! Thanks to your support the project is rapidly growing. In this regard, we are able to have new partnership opportunities with major trading platforms. Our goal is to provide all investors with a variety of the most qualitative choice of sites for further trade. After receiving ATB Coin to their accounts, investors will be able to start trading now on the following crypto-exchanges: dabtc.com, yobit.net, localtrade.pro, bitlocal.io. This list will expand and in the near future we will announce the connection of the largest sites with which prelimi
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