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  1. Yes, if the person is willing to risk money long term. The cap on the total supply that there will ever be, combined with the permanent reduction in the volume of coins being created every 4 years, means that it is digitally scarce. The risk to reward ratio is very high and will pay off well to those who take the risk.
  2. The May contest for the Ledger Nano S was won by user 'Paul C'. Other users also won Trading Fee Discount Plans. We have a new contest running for the month of June, enter here: https://ice3x.co.za/ledger-competition-june-2018/ Good Luck!
  3. Last month we had a competition to give away a Trezor Model T hardware wallet. This month we are giving away a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. The competition is running from 2 May 2018, and will finish on 1 June 2018 at 12pm GMT+2. Enter and learn more about it here: https://ice3x.co.za/ledger-competition-may-2018/
  4. You are right, unfortunately nobody can predict the future price of bitcoin, but in a few years there is a very good chance it will be much higher than it is now. The new supply will continue to go down (-50% every 4 years), and (hopefully) the demand will continue to go up. I wish there was a guarantee of the same gains, I am hoping for at least 1% of the last 7 years growth (5764%) in the next 10 years. Maybe it wont even be close to that, maybe it will be more. The risk / reward ratio looks pretty good when you use historical prices, since the past prices is the only thing we know for sure.
  5. We have made a lot of updates to the exchange in the last few months since last post here. Currently available cryptocurrency trading pairs: BCH/BTC - https://ice3x.com/bch-btc DASH/BTC - https://ice3x.com/dash-btc DOGE/BTC - https://ice3x.com/doge-btc ETH/BTC - https://ice3x.com/eth-btc LTC/BTC - https://ice3x.com/ltc-btc ZEC/BTC - https://ice3x.com/zec-btc XMR/BTC - https://ice3x.com/xmr-btc Currently available Rand trading pairs: BCH/ZAR - https://ice3x.com/bch-zar BTC/ZAR - https://ice3x.com/btc-zar ETH/ZAR - https://ice3x.com/eth-zar LTC/ZAR - https://ice3x.com/ltc-zar We have also got the usual limit orders, and also market and stop-limit orders available Trading view charts also have been added
  6. We have made some changes to the exchange based on a lot of feedback from users. There is now trading view charts on the exchange, and we will soon be launching the voucher system, which will allow you to crate a voucher for crypto, which you can give to someone else to credit their account. We have also recently launched the ETH/BTC market, which means you can buy Ethereum with bitcoin, not only Rand. We have both options on the exchange now, so if you have bitcoin, you dont need to sell it in order to buy Ethereum with Rand, you can just buy it direct now. Our trading fees on the ETH/BTC market are only 0.1%. We have now got more staff for customer support, so if there are any issues, they will be dealt with faster. If you have any other suggestions or criticisms, please PM and let us know.
  7. Yes, we were the first in SA to have an Ethereum market, trading ETH/ZAR, and we recently opened ETH/BTC market too.
  8. This has now been fixed! Thank you for the feedback, we do value it. We have also removed the deposit fees for ETH, so now it is free to deposit. We have also just launched the affiliate program, so now you can earn between 10-25% of the commission generated from the trades of people who sign up to the exchange using your link.
  9. The field you are referring to is the Details of Payment, so has the details of the payment, including the TXR number. The Details of Payment information is used on the exchange side too, to match deposits to users, it speeds things up when we expect an incoming payment for your account. I will bring up a suggestion to have the TXR number on its own line under the heading of 'Payment Reference' or something similar to avoid confusion, in the next meeting.
  10. Please come and trade your ETH at our exchange when you want to convert to Rand. Miners get a better trading fee as you are a market maker. This will allow you to deposit ETH, exchange for Rand, and withdraw to your bank account, all in one place, at a great rate.
  11. The entire trading platform and engine has been upgraded. We have been on the old platform since 2013, and the old system was very different, especially in the way user data was stored on the database. We ported over all the user data ready for launch, but many users continued to deposit during the time the site was offline, resulting in their crypto deposits not reflecting on the new system immediately. So we had a backlog of accounts we were syncing and of course were fielding tons of support tickets.
  12. The issue was to decide to open the market with zero ETH on the exchange, or to allow ETH deposits, first, so that when the market opens, there will be some trade. Its like advertising a public swimming pool, and then opening it, and it has no water. People think we bad for not opening, and they think we bad for opening with no product, its hard to know which is worse. We enabled ETH deposits prior to opening the market, and were asking miners and traders to deposit some ETH. The hope was that all these miners and professional traders would be market makers, and would bring the ETH. This didnt seem to have as much of the desired effect that we wanted, there was a lot of talk, but not enough deposits from market makers, so this meant delays. We decided then to just open the market, as people were thinking we were just doing a PR stunt or something. I hope you will at least try and use the system, and if you are a miner, let me know, as a market maker you can get a better trading fee.
  13. Is there much of a demand for Ripple in SA?
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