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  1. Mustek reckon end of this month, but I'm willing to guess they're sold out by then. Even good PSUs are getting scarce.
  2. I'm very keen to order but want to get everything to guarantee I can start without delay. Cards are the issue right now as I'm sure you know. Any ETA on those? I think I want to do RX580s.
  3. That is the million dollar q. The next q is should I be looking at Nvidia and not AMD cards if Ether mining doesn't last a year... does it actually matter? Also - should I be buying 4Gb or 8Gb cards? So right now nobody has stock of motherboards and there are a few RX 580s out there which makes me wonder how anyone is going to honour a 3 year warranty. As for pricing, it's looking more like R35-45k minimum spend.
  4. What does your rig look like hardware wise? What do you mine / where?
  5. Nice article, though it would be good to hear more about input costs such as insurance. What is the monthly cost for insurance? What is your electricity cost per kWh? What about adding a battery and solar power supply? Not sure where you live, but at the coast we have nocturnal geckos that will no doubt ruin a rig if it's not sealed somehow. It would need to be connected to an aircon via a duct and be closed (possibly perspex). Anyone have suggestions for suppliers?
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