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    I'm far to lazy to be a miner, rather went the investment route


    Personally I feel if you say invest 35k right now, 4 months down the line it might be worth double that.

    So in theory you need to repay 70k before breaking even, but that's just my outlook.


    For all we know the entire crypto platform can take a dive for the worst, which is not impossible. This is however a risk I'm willing to take.


    The ETA for Casper/POS is end of 2017, early 2018/Q1.


    I reckon you could still make a profit but the capital is costly.

  2. At the moment I have 50% ETH, 15% BTC, 15% Ripple, 5% Ethereum Classic, 5% Litecoin, 5% ZCash, 5% Golem


    I'll look into Siacoin, Status & Bancor.


    I'm still looking for an alternate or additional wallet to Jaxx.


    Exodus is a decent one from what I heard (wallet).


    Bancor (BNT) already had it's ICO and the coins will probably be inflated.


    Status is this Saturday.


    Siacoin is tokens for a storage cloud (basic explanation).


    I personally stayed away from LTC, XRP and ETC as well as ZCash.


    STEEM/STRAT/GNT/SC are my alt coins apart from ETH.


    I also bought into CFI in the ICO.


    Each to their own however, best of luck.

  3. 65/25/10 investment split.


    65% into safer cryptos - ETH/BTC (you will know if hard fork for BTC will be an issue by then)

    25% into mid-safe cryptos - research which ones stabilize in August (Golem/Siacoin etc.)

    10% into ICOS (initial coin offerings) which have the chance to make a high ROI; Status, Civic and in the past Bancor, BAT, Aragon etc.


    This post of mine is starting to ring more true and true. https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-Backend-of-Cryptocoins?pid=3869#pid3869 Luno went over the top with fees now disguising them as "Dynamic Fees".


    For all those not happy with Luno pricing, please read Werner's comments in thread link below, hopefully that will help better your understanding of how it works.




    So basically a cartel setting the prices 300USD above any regular exchange?


    Got it.


    I have a bulk order for Ledger Nano S wallets which are hardware wallets that can do BTC and also ETH. The problem is with the distributors (Ledger Wallet) as they have a huge backlog of orders world wide.


    I placed an order at the end of April, and it is still in processing (even though I have paid for overnight courier). They say there is a minimum of 5 week delay on bulk orders.


    I have not advertised the wallets, as I dont have them yet, but it looks like they will be instantly sold as I have a waiting list going back to April for people who wanted them. I have asked if my order can be increased to accommodate demand, and also to find out when my order will be shipped, but there has been no response to emails since about 2 weeks ago. :(




    I am also keen.


    Massive backlog on the Nano S.


    Last week it was July 3rd and now it's end of July.


    I am travelling to Europe in August so might order some there and bring back with me but will see.



    Either way, I am keen to join in, if you have any to sell.


    Thanks mate.


    That is the million dollar q.

    The next q is should I be looking at Nvidia and not AMD cards if Ether mining doesn't last a year... does it actually matter?  Also - should I be buying 4Gb or 8Gb cards?


    So right now nobody has stock of motherboards and there are a few RX 580s out there which makes me wonder how anyone is going to honour a 3 year warranty.  As for pricing, it's looking more like R35-45k minimum spend.



    Indeed. I spoke to another guy who estimated R35k for R9-12K return per month.


    Then again, this is all speculation. 


    I would love to jump in on this but without a guarantee, I can't really afford R35K on a mining rig.


    Mathematically, it would take anything from 4-8 months to break even.


    You're probably better off buying ETH with that and letting it appreciate.



  7. Huobi went live today; 0.01% charge for first 3 days and 0.05% for the next 2 weeks I think?


    OKCoin is going live tomorrow.


    That makes 2/3 largest exchanges in China making ETH available.


    Come on baby.

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