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  1. I pay 0 for absa atm fees? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Set up a vm/vb on one of the computers Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. Random critter via watsapp with Erik when he started making it Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. Not for a while but yea it can be fun Served by a Droid
  5. Definitely, since it will make you lose 3 years off your life. This is a roler coaster. What do you guys think of buying all the exporters since a junk rating is pretty much guaranteed imho and the only companies I can see benfiting from R20/$ is raw exports? Place I work (manufacturing) company becomes much more competitive when the R plummets against the Chinese. Served by a Droid
  6. Each time the price goes down I find I suddenly own a few more shares... Served by a Droid
  7. Starbucks South Africa subsidiary owner, Taste Holdings [JSE:TAS], is focusing on delivering a “quality” Starbucks experience and is in not going to add any “pressure” on itself to churn out more Starbucks stores for the time being. This is according to Taste Holdings CEO Carlo Gonzaga, who was speaking at the recent FNB Franchise Summit held at Montecasino. He shared on the progress of the two Starbucks outlets, in Rosebank and Midrand, since being launched in April 2016. http://www.fin24.com/Companies/Retail/taste-in-no-hurry-to-open-more-starbucks-stores-in-sa-20160906 Served by a Droid
  8. Been getting comfortable with bitx slowly. Playing with a few rands on the exchange and all the rest. I just absolutely hate how long it takes for an EFT to reflect. Wanted to buy when it was around R8500 but by the time my money came throng it was at around R8900 again. Not looked at it since due to time. Served by a Droid
  9. I noticed this as well. Sharenet emails me their daily moves and also last 10 trades of the day. Looking at these for the last few weeks, some pretty big buys that keep the price above R2. Anyway, personally think that someone(s) just buys at around the R2 or under mark and stops around the R2.05 mark. It's what I've been doing recently anyway. Got my average purchase price down to R2.13c and got the amount of shares I wanted so concentrating on gpl now. Served by a Droid
  10. Welcome to North Korea? https://www.techcentral.co.za/fpb-in-new-move-to-police-online-content/54875/
  11. http://www.bdlive.co.za/economy/2016/09/20/moodys-is-leaning-towards-not-downgrading-sa
  12. When you open an EasyEquities account you receive a standard account, a tax-free account and a demo account...all at once! With a standard account you gain access to 450 listed SA companies and with your tax-free account you gain access to 35 ETFs.
  13. Totally my DbXWD and dbxJP is finally making some movement! @Hamster how is your Dbx doing? haha, this abortion of an easyequities overview page when mixed with their baskets took me about 5 minutes to realise where the positive income is coming from.
  14. haha. I actually removed a bunch of the stuff from the basket before purchasing, already had around R100 DBXWD so now there is a wall of companies. I also bought R2.11c worth of shares in Adcock Ingram just to clear my available funds I would prefer an excel type view to see what is going on there though, oh and just like the demo money, a bunch of red numbers although value has gone up a whole 0.22% since purchase at around 9:10am Adcock Ingram. Lol Served by a Droid
  15. The above worked perfectly in windows but was giving me those errors in Ubuntu. Thanks for all the assistance @Padjakkals Really appreciated.
  16. Ok, I am not getting exactly the same errors as when I started the topic, here is a step by step of what I am doing. 1. Go into Easy Equities>My Account>Reports>Press the down arrow next to "Transaction History". 2. Scroll down and press "Google Finance" button (downloads transaction history csv). 3. go into google finance>Portfolios>My portfolio and press Import transactions. 4. Choose file>Preview Import. 5. Check headings and change to the following: 6. Scroll down and press Import. Then I get this error: When I press "Edit transactions" it gives me a list that looks like this: This is what PPC looks like in my account overview: Any advice or assistance?
  17. Hi, I am trying to set google finance up with ee. Steps taken: Create a new portfolio in google finance Import the .csv from EE then I get the following error: When I click on the error I get a list where they all have I presume this is because of buying parts of shares. Is there any way to fix this?
  18. What do you guys think of Grand parade investments? They bringing dunkin donuts into sa...
  19. Latest statement R1711 for the 3 numbers in total Progress.
  20. Call 111 just ask them to email you the quote. Served by a Droid
  21. I think I'll just keep redialing till blocking mode turns off Served by a Droid
  22. I think 18 to 20 but come January prices for shares are going to start going up. Served by a Droid
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