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  1. Morning Anyone have a detailed description of how to claim your BCC if you have a JAxx wallet? I have waited for them to support BCC but seems its not going to happen. Thanks
  2. Can anyone explain how the Sibanye new rights offer will work? They are offering 9 shares for every 7 shares you own at R11,28 per share. How will that affect the current share price and if you bought shares via Easy Equities will they have the new shares available there? I see the share price already dropped 6% today. :-( How does these things typically work?
  3. Mmm, this is interesting and would be nice to get involved. However signed up on Nicehash and ran into a brick wall. :-O. Anyone have a guide on what/how to buy or select the correct thing for those people like me that dont understand all the big words? :-)
  4. If you are impatient like me do as I do below. :-) Wait for a minor pull back and buy on the lows. I bought half of what I wanted to spend on the arrow and will now wait to see if it breaks line A. If it does so I will put the rest in. If it heads back down to line B i will see if it breaks it and wait for the turn or if it heads back up on touching the line I will see where it is in relation to my original buy in before I decide to put the rest in. PS. Not financial advice. Just keeps me busy during a boring day playing with this stuff, and I am more wrong than correct. :-)
  5. Would like to get the technical guys input here on Sibanye. Below is how I see it. It broke through the triangle and came down twice to test the new support line and failed and is subsequently heading higher. Am I just talking crap, or will we finally see some profits come back? :-O
  6. New high this morning again. Currently at $1849.00 :-) $117,49 up since yesterday. I keep waiting for a pullback to put some more in as well, but seems it doesn't want to happen.
  7. At least have a few greens today. Naspers doing good, but as usual Bitcoin is fantastic. Think I should get rid of all these things going up and down by 0,5% and stick it in Bitcoin and Ether as well. :-)
  8. I transferred some ETH to Bitcoin via JAxx/shapeshift a short while ago and took about 8min to show. Was a larger amount though. Not sure how much you transferred, but small amounts normally take longer. Never took 26 hours though. I have found in the past that the wallet does not update, but normally after closing it (on you pc and phone) and re opening it it show immediately. Perhaps try that.
  9. Ouch, almost all of the past days gains wiped out in about 30 min. :-0. Down $110 in the last hour, but see that it is gaining some back again as I type this.
  10. Ok, may be why it was so slow. Was going to change some BTC for Eth as well, but bitcoin has gone up almost $15 in the last hour. Kind of hope its the break it needed to get to over $1500. :-) MMM, ok while typing this its $15,57 in the last hour
  11. Sjoe, that is a long time. I know that there is some huge time delays at the moment with bitcoin as there is alot of trading going on. Cannot remember the exact figures (read a article a few days ago)but there was some 180 000 low value transactions that is beeing put in the back of the queue as miners are opting for doing the larger more profitable transactions first. I normally pick the highest fee on Jaxx when I want the transaction fast otherwise I just wait. Out of interest how many did you swop for Ether?
  12. So Sibanye has finally gone up a bit today. It is also currently trading 3,44% higher in the USA at the moment, so might see another increase tomorrow. Time to buy some more? Anyone have any idea why PSG traded so low today? Anyone put some money into Brian Joffe's new listing L4L? Up 3,2% today.
  13. The longest it has taken me was about an hour and the shortest about 6min. Depends on the blockchain (is that the correct terminology?) You can adjust how much you want to pay in the settings menu on Jaxx for the change. The lower the fee the slower it goes. Also when going into your ETH wallet just refresh the screen as sometimes I have found that it does not refresh by itself. Once I had to close the Jaxx wallet and restart it to update.
  14. Besides the normal mining cost there is no additional charge for using Shapeshift. Have not used changelly so cannot compare unfortunately.
  15. Besides the normal mining cost there is no additional charge for using Shapeshift. Have not used changelly so cannot compare unfortunately.
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