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  1. Sitting in the same boat as you. Makes me cringe every time I look at it.
  2. I'd go for this. Very similar to automated cars and planes - which I am a great fan of - just now for investments.
  3. I won't say at SARS. I prefer fighting for the good guys and reducing the lovely tax liability owed by them. Sorry to get your hopes up But I do know a trick or two
  4. Pretty chuffed with TAW. Got in quite early, but didn't lay down as much capital as I would have liked. Sucks, but such is life.
  5. Hi all I'm new to this forum. Been lurking for quite some time. I prefer not to say much - which I will try to address in the future. So about me - I'm in the tax business and I deal with SARS. Great stuff. I enjoy searching for value investments and I'm always keen to learn more. That should suffice I rate.
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