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  1. First off, thanks for the feedback. Thought it best to rather ask for advice before jumping in blindly. Reason for wanting to switch from ASHGEQ to STXWDM was for the bigger exposure to the US (probably a risk I know), then just supplementing with a bit more exposure in emerging markets. All in all, I think I'll stick with my existing portfolio, valid points were made. I'll have to do a reshuffle on some of the percentages though, would love some advice on the local side of things, as you can see my trust in SA just isn't there at the moment.
  2. Hi all, new to all of this and would like some advice. Started filling up my TFSA and it looks like this at the moment. ASHGEQ - 40% STXEMG - 15% GLPROP - 10% CTOP50 - 10% NFEMOM - 15% SYG4IR - 5% STXNDQ - 5% I'm thinking about changing it to this: STXWDM - 50% STXEMG - 20% GLPROP - 10% NFEMOM - 10% ETF5IT - 10% Thoughts? Sell off ASHGEQ, CTOP50, SYG4IR and STXNDQ at a profit (covering the costs) and reinventing it.
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