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  1. Dancshares

    Do you own a Fitbit?

    Just ordered the Charge 2 for my wife and me. Will keep you guys posted.
  2. Dancshares

    How to buy IOTA

    What problem? I have an account and dont remember any problems.
  3. Dancshares

    Stock Watch Thread

    EOH spun out of PG Bison IT, PG Bison part of KAP, KAP owned by Steinhoff.
  4. Dancshares

    Stock Watch Thread

    Anything connected to Steinhoff in any way is getting hit. Hence Shoprite drop.
  5. Dancshares

    How to buy IOTA

    IOTA is flying! [ROCKET]
  6. Dancshares

    Consolidated Infrastructure Group CIL

    Confucius says: "One does not simply hodl a jse stock"
  7. Dancshares

    Consolidated Infrastructure Group CIL

    Updated trading statement and a shocker https://t.co/B4u0aq4dET?amp=1
  8. Dancshares

    Anyone investing in Stadio?

    Im in too. Helps offset some other shockers in my portfolio..
  9. Dancshares


    Welcome!! P.s dont base your buying/ selling decisions on articles as they are only opinions. Nobody knows what will happen. Buy gradually and in what you believe in. My 2 cents Sent from my ALE-L21 using the Platinum Wealth app
  10. Dancshares

    How to buy Civic Tokens

    @BitcoinZAR are u able to suggest? Sent from my ALE-L21 using the Platinum Wealth app
  11. Dancshares

    How to buy Civic Tokens

    Hi guys what wallet do you use for IOTA? Sent from my ALE-L21 using the Platinum Wealth app
  12. Dancshares

    The Wonderful World of Cement

    R1tn portfolio
  13. Dancshares

    Stock Watch Thread

    Awesome thanks @Noobly
  14. Dancshares

    Stock Watch Thread

    Simon says.. Next month will mark the beginning of the three-year sideways move in our market. Yip, the levels we are trading at today are the same as April 2014; we have gone nowhere. Markets either correct in time or price. In other words, for a market to become cheaper it either needs to go sideways for a while, as earnings increase, or the prices need to crash lower. Either makes for cheaper valuations and while the crash is the scarier option it is generally the quicker way to cheaper valuations. Locally, we’ve had the long drawn out ‘going nowhere slowly approach’ instead. That means your broad market Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have done little or nothing. Even the offshore general ETFs have done little due to recent rand strength taking the shine off the stronger offshore markets. Sure, three years feels like forever but it’s not. For a long-term investor who invests for decades, three years will be just a blip on their investment journey when we get to the end of the road. While this is frustrating as we watch nothing happening to our investments, the best thing to do is nothing. The move higher will start again one day - we just don’t know which day. Most importantly is that every time we buy now, we’re getting three-year-old prices. How cool is that? There’s not much we can buy today at the same price it was in 2014. So, carry on buying and enjoy yesteryear's prices. Simon Brown SOURCE: JustOneLap http://us12.campaign-archive1.com/?u=92acd379b61510644f0aeb969&id=87255e2958
  15. Dancshares

    New JSE listings

    @Groovy nope only nxt week, will post here when its live