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  1. We should also discuss smaller nuances like maximum ownership. Out of experience I know some members might feel they want to contribute more than the minimum amount which I feel they should be able to in essence, Members are welcome to invest as much as they like so long as it doesn’t exceed 30% of the club’s total valuation. Just an example something like that should only be allowed after a member has been a member for six months minimum in order to qualify to override the minimum if they so feel. Which if there capital account reached 30% they would be ask to make lesser contributions until the club catches up and there capital account is no longer 30% of the total valuation.
  2. I see JSE:NEP is up ( they had a sense: ) Now I just wish Taste holdings would start to climb. They are probably a very attractive long term buy at the moment.
  3. http://www.platinumwealth.co.za/forum/showthread.php?tid=25&pid=117#pid117 ? Don't be rash. Why sell? Just buy others instead of DBXWD instead?! I like the JSE:CTOP50 idea so basically the top 40 plus a few mid caps?
  4. I think I need to specify, I am not referring to the whole video, just the first part of how interest work and banks lending money it doesnt physically have.
  5. I watched this video and what he says sounds possible and true, but in reality I am not so sure? If it is true then the world financial system seems to be a massive risk to collapse at a moments notice. Here is the video: [video=youtube]
  6. No worries, all sorted now My laptop screen was tilted in such a way that I couldn't see the line in-between the "quoted area" and where I start writing my reply, if that makes any sense. Still a un-user friendly use of the qoute button regardless
  7. Well holy damn! Then I need to sell ASAP. 60% of my portfolio is DBxWD and DbxJP What good local ETFs are there to invest in? I do own Satrix Indi since that is the only one that looks like it has a good future ahead.
  8. I can't believe the JSE looks so red today, I was seriously thinking the downgrade averted news was a good thing, or is the markets now anticipating a downgrade from fitch on the 8th?
  9. Eish. so the DBX are connected to the rand? Like if we recover to R11/12 does that mean my DBX's will all be poof vanished in the air?
  10. Eish all my DBx Trackers have done pretty bad the last 9 days.
  11. Press reply. ( sucks i know ) Mybb has a odd way of how the quote button is used. For the time being just use reply.
  12. I have been looking at datatec for a while now and I'm starting to think they might be a good buy now after that poor profit return their share price plummeted, but I suspect that was mainly due to the strong dollar and them operating in emerging markets so that could have affected the purchasing power of their clients in these markets more than usual.
  13. Hey, what ETFs are you currently holding? Personally I am a very big fan of ETFs it's passive investing in my book. These are the ETF I own currently: Satrix Swix 40 Satrix STXINDI Newfunds MAPPS Coreshares DIVTRX CoreShares PropTrax SAPY Deutsche Bank DbxJP Deutsche Bank DbxEU Deutsche Bank DbxWD JSE:ROC taking a bit of a dive unfortunately. On the plus side, MTN is up 2% already.
  14. Yea, I want to sell my MTN this week, my average purchase price is R126, so I am in the profit, but I want to sell at R140. Hoping it will hit that by thursday, although I think it will only get there closer to the end of the month. Unless some rediculious news comes out of Nigeria and it totally tanks out to double digits.
  15. If you want to discuss individual stocks or ETFs then this will be the thread to do it. Anything related to the stock market really.
  16. If you spot any newly listed ETFs please post them in this thread.
  17. Seems this weekend was unexpected. Will go to nedbank in this week.
  18. Eish, this new tapatalk is irritating as hell sneaky ads all over the place. And this forum isn't even registered for ads. Sent from my SM-G925K using Tapatalk
  19. Just curious if anyone managed to run successful websites to generate an income via Adsense? I tried it with a few, but I find that almost all the general stuff are covered already and niche sites just doesnt get the interest needed. Also seems in today's world you need to spend a lot of money on digital advertising to get any traffic.
  20. Now to draw up the spreadsheet I am going to look on PSG's website if they don't maybe have a skeleton
  21. Are we going to run this in a spreadsheet or write the software? If I can figure out a spec then I can probably built it. then again excel is probably the best route an encrypted one, updated once a month?
  22. I still have 11 months to go on my vodacom contract. I am seriously concidering buying it out.
  23. I am definitely going to buy my next phone cash. No two ways about it.
  24. Okey will go to bank tomorrow. Had unexpected guests today
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