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  1. I wonder if EasyEquities will support them as well?
  2. Where can I watch it? Omg I do not want to miss it. http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2016/06/03/SA-wins-reprieve-as-junk-status-is-averted-%E2%80%93-for-now http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2016/06/03/SA-wins-reprieve-as-junk-status-is-averted-%E2%80%93-for-now
  3. That is the exact reason why this is appealing to me, you do not have to do the research it has already been done for you by a reputable company. At Least... That is the idea...
  4. If all goes well then I will go to Tygervally mall tomorrow and see what the banks say then I will update us on how the fees work and if they charge for internal transfers.
  5. Well the ZAR just spiked massively into the positive. http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=ZAR I think the US probably did something bad and the USD took hit and the ZAR just remained the same?
  6. Link to offering: https://www.easyequities.co.za/Baskets I like this idea, what do you guys think about this basket option of EasyEquities? The basket fee does not look that high? Here is my scenario I like to save up in my Capitec Savings account until I reach X amount then I will EFT that across to EasyEquities. So this to me looks like the perfect answer for lump sum investments. Here is a screenshot of the breakdown and fee structure on a actual purchase:
  7. @Purbly, both club account and Just invest are Nedbank accounts so we should be able to transfer internally between them. If we are set on Nedbank then I can go into their branch tomorrow morning and find out for us.
  8. Oh boy if I can get live prices free of charge my life will be complete! You guys have no idea.
  9. I think that is a good idea. We use the club account to deposit money into and then at every R5 000 intervals we EFT it across to the Just invest account. In reality we might need to look at those fees. I know if I pay a EFT from Capitec there is a charge and if I receive money there is a charge as well iirc. So point is we just need to look that the cost of moving money is not more than the actual interest gained if that makes sense.
  10. SA is on a knife edge as it counts down the hours to the announcement tonight by ratings agency S&P Global Ratings of the country’s sovereign debt in a decision that is likely to have a profound effect on the economy and the political sphere. What do you guys think about the rating, will be survive. If we do get downgraded, how would that effect me and you?
  11. Never thought about it like that. It's a solid point I have to agree. Right. So forum must be: Investment Forum And General Finance Forum Just that? Sent from my SM-G925K using Tapatalk
  12. Unit System, also for me appears to be the go to method when I look at other investment clubs, will see if I can draw up a nice spreadsheet that we will keep on an encrypted pen drive and encrypted file in the cloud to be safe.
  13. I fully agree with this, have not even thought about it. Good Point!
  14. The problem is that I don't think the Nedbank Just Invest account is made for clubs and they might flag the account? The only account I see that looks like it is tailored for Investment Clubs is the Nedbank Club Account?
  15. Totally agreed with the date stamps of documents and then saved in archive folders.
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