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  1. Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas.
    Incredible book. Not on TA but on the lures and dangers of trading, taking responsibility, consistency: state of mind, the dynamics of perception, the markets perspective, thinking in probabilities, working with your beliefs, the nature of beliefs, the impact of believes on trading and thinking like a trader.


    So many lessons that will save you from yourself...

    I try reread it at least twice yearly.

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  2. Option 1:

    Takealot for around R1680

    Option 2:
    From their site for R976 + customs/import (https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-s)
    Free shipping from DHL (3 business days)

    Does anyone know what the import costs will be payable on this?
    Read around that in SA it could be around 15% VAT and 10% Duty = +25% (total costs R1220)

    Are there other costs?


    If R1220 is the case it's a way better deal to buy direct plus you can choose your Nano S color (I want Transparent 🙂)

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    Yeah, I don't understand Shoprite. What caused the massive drop?


    Yesterday every single stock I had except for Clicks went bright red, but Shoprite seems to have been hit harder than anyone else.

    I was going to buy my first Shoprite last month. So glad I didn't!


    My regret of yesterday was that I cashed out most of my Bitcoin last month to buy Ethereum. Up 47% yesterday!

    And Ethereum is struggling at the moment because most exchanges (inluding Luno's Ethereum) have collapsed because of the Ethereum CryptoKitties craze. Strange world we live in...


    Anything connected to Steinhoff in any way is getting hit. Hence Shoprite drop.

  4. Possibly, but I hope not.


    Simon says..


    Next month will mark the beginning of the three-year sideways move in our market. Yip, the levels we are trading at today are the same as April 2014; we have gone nowhere.


    Markets either correct in time or price. In other words, for a market to become cheaper it either needs to go sideways for a while, as earnings increase, or the prices need to crash lower. Either makes for cheaper valuations and while the crash is the scarier option it is generally the quicker way to cheaper valuations.


    Locally, we’ve had the long drawn out ‘going nowhere slowly approach’ instead. That means your broad market Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have done little or nothing. Even the offshore general ETFs have done little due to recent rand strength taking the shine off the stronger offshore markets.


    Sure, three years feels like forever but it’s not. For a long-term investor who invests for decades, three years will be just a blip on their investment journey when we get to the end of the road. While this is frustrating as we watch nothing happening to our investments, the best thing to do is nothing. The move higher will start again one day - we just don’t know which day.


    Most importantly is that every time we buy now, we’re getting three-year-old prices. How cool is that? There’s not much we can buy today at the same price it was in 2014. So, carry on buying and enjoy yesteryear's prices.


    Simon Brown


    SOURCE: JustOneLap http://us12.campaign-archive1.com/?u=92acd379b61510644f0aeb969&id=87255e2958


    Nope, I feel the stock itself will be illiquid, might be worth holding in the long term, just not my kind of pond.


    I'm however very interested to see how it goes the first few weeks.


    @Purply I heard whispers that the IPO was around 10x oversubscribed. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds.


    @Groovy thanks, better prices if we can buy OTC, but I've heard that guys are not selling (lots of bids but no offers) due to the exciting listing on the main board later this year. Bleh.


    Just asked Kristia from JustOneLap how to buy OTC and she said they will be discussing OTC in the next Fat Wallet Show. Listen out for it.



    Hi Daniel,


    Good question! I bought some OTCs once, but straight after I did, the legislation changed. We'll discuss it in the next episode.


    Thanks for listening!



  7. I like Shoprite. Its aggressively expanding into Africa, own both the Shoprite (lower income) and Checkers (higher income) brands and is taking on Woolies in the convenience food sector. Solid management.

    I see this growing to and above early highs in the near future.

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