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  1. hi Sarie The orginal posts covers the steps. in short : Step One: Get A Luno Account Get your free Luno account and send them some verification documents Step Two: Buy Some Bitcoin After you've made an online banking transfer to Luno (BitX), you'll be able to buy Bitcoin in seconds Step Three: Trade Your Bitcoin For Ether CoinMarketCap has an extensive list of exchanges that allow you to buy and sell Ether. Step Three can also be done via Jaxx wallet - most simple method in my opinion
  2. yes different addresses. but the ledger at least, does not support all the altcoins unfortunately. i'm stuck with XEM and NEO on an exchange - will probably look at a separate wallet for them depending performance.
  3. Ok - did the swift transfer today : Start with R120,000 Pay R750 fee (think that will be subtracted from my Cheque account separately) FNB gives me $9104.5 (FNB rate 13.1803 vs google rate of 13.03) ~1.15% cut for them I believe a further 10USD will be charged before i receive it in my kraken account. kraken spot rate : $4614.24 Luno spot rate : R64 013 thus Kraken via swift should give me 1.97096 BTC for the 9094.5 USD after fee's Luno will give 1.88633 BTC for 120750 break even is roughly R10,000 (possibly less as i think Swift transfer fee's varies between R250 and R750), but after that Kraken is kicking Luno but. Will give a final summary once i buy BTC on kraken - swift transfer according to uncle google can take up to a week. obviously if you can register with a popular exchange that sells BTC even cheaper than Kraken, even better. *update* Kraken confirmed the deposit roughly 30 hours after sending it. Spot rate for buying it last night was $4877 - was a bit of a bubble and dropped to $4699 today. so basically - if you believe bitcoin value will not jump 5% in the next 48 hours, and you have more than 10k to send - then swift transfer bypassing luno might be your cheapest bet,
  4. I will be testing via an international exchange this week. Registered and validated an account on Kraken, and will be transferring USD to buy bitcoin there. i believe i will be able to get it cheaper. Swift transfers has minimum transaction fee's though, so this probably only becomes cheaper on amounts over ~10,000
  5. only a pleasure. will be opening up my own gupta-crypto-bank soon !
  6. any changes needed on Card's when changing to another coin (cpu clocks / memory etc?)
  7. interesting dynamics. Still mining ETH only? or BTC?
  8. I am interested to know how the ROI is going? eg - can you maybe give a summary of : Initial expense number/type of coins mined so far? i know difficulty etc will keep this a changing goal, but you are now over 3 months in , so will be nice to know
  9. offer still on the table? i'm able to fund my paypal account
  10. Thank you - that will cost you 0.001 Bitcoin
  11. I actually called my bank today, and did a proper comparison. I already have an approved account with Kraken Exchange. Starting with 200,000 ZAR : 3.33049 bictoin via kraken 3.04511 bitcoin via luno that is after paying fee's for transferring, and taking a knock on the bank's buy/sell rate for USD to ZAR ( FNB) not going to buy via Luno any time soon :o
  12. erwintwr


    at R5890 pet ETH :o that is $465 with current ETH price at $375 that puts ice3x more expensive than 250 odd exchanges across the world :o https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethereum/#markets
  13. Does anybody have recommendations available for hardware wallets? i would prefer something that is BTC/ ETH etc compatible - and local?
  14. wow nice! noob question - but is via a local exchange the only "easy" way to buy BTC without the major exchange rate discrepancy? currently Luno reports R33590 per BTC ($2,543) while coindesk reports $2,247. thats a 13% knock . has anybody crunched the numbers to see if there isn't a cheaper way to buy BTC?
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