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  1. Sweet!


    Thanks so much.


    Pleasure :)


    If I could give some of my limited knowledge, just make 100% sure it is something you want to do. ETFs are dangerous in terms of emotions and watching the market like a hawk. It should -actually- be something you buy and forget. I also would like to sell a few and buy others I made a mistake with but after some thought I'm just going to leave them and rather buy the new ones when the time comes. TFSA is a 10-year+ investment, try get rid of the emotions!

  2. Is there any issue if I sell something in my TFSA?


    I want to sell some CTOP50 to buy NFEMOM


    Won't be an issue. As long as you don't deposit over your 30k limit. What you do inside of that limit is up to you.

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