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  1. When I was younger I do not like to watch documentaries, that's for sure. When I growed up and there were someting to be in me which leads to further education and gathering information - I am all for them, I have like around 100 now in my collection;)
  2. So it's a bit more, like one more year before this bubble burst at last! So many people I know put serious money into it without any real facts about it. Why it costs that much anyway still ? I just play on Forex in some ways, but never will invest in this. I always think it will fall to 0 someday.
  3. Forex trading is not easy, neither is hard. What matters is your understanding of the concept of forex trading. You must first do your research and read all you can about forex, mastering basic terms. Baby Pips is the best place to find everything related to forex education.
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