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  1. "GLODIV has been doing really well lately and is likely to continue. Not so great in a TFIA though as the unpleasantly high foreign withholding tax on dividends negates a large chunk of the tax benefits though, but it still does have excellent capital gains, so maybe still even worth having in a TFIA."



    are the dividends taxed in a tax free savings account? foreign and local?

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  3. Here's what I'm going with:



    STXQUA - 40%

    PTXTEN - 10%



    ASHGEQ - 40%

    SGYP - 10%


    I'm also looking at ASHGEQ,  but the volumes are so low, which is discouraging me

  4. Have you ever seen this before? Every single stock on the top 40 is down today. Not even one exception!  





    yes, and judging by the present US markets, we will probably be down again tomorrow :(


    Can you maybe post the link of that screenshot you posted?

  5. I think your STXQUA gamble might just pay off. When Naspers and Steinhoff crashed, STXQUA stayed very green. It has a lovely mix of companies and I personally think it has a bright future.


    I see you've dropped SYG4IR. It's done dismally since inception. I hope it recovers soon, but I am disappointed so far.


    NPN crashed? NPN tracks tencent and the ZAR strengthened

  6. just installed investing.com and loaded my portfolio....


    You can change the currency in the top right corner or holding the menu key down


    I have not been able to figure out how to set low and high alarms for my shares

    It looks like they don't report the 'closing prices' but rather the last price at end of day auction - look at SNH - they say last price R69.16, whilst the JSE/Google reports R70.30

    I have also not figured out how to sort the portfolio, as I like to have it sorted from largest holdings to smallest

  7. That is utterly annoying I agree! Side note what android app do you use?


    I started using investing.com's app and wow, I am blown away. The ads are damn annoying, but the features and pricing of the app makes up for it. There is also live pricing on there, no idea how they do that and if it is JSE live pricing.


    I use two, because I have not found a single app that can show me my whole portfolios daily move AND has low and high alarms for share prices


    1) My stocks portfolio app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.peeksoft.stocks&hl=en

    It shows my portfolio value and changes during the day nicely


    2) Stocks - Realtime Stock Quotes app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dayup.stocks&hl=en

    It has alarms and displays the individual share prices and changes nicely, but for some reason does not show the value of my total portfolio



    They are both free and supported by adverts, which are not annoying - I think they can both be purchased as well for advert free use

  8. Well on the plus side we went pass the 6700 barrier now lets hope it will continue.




    I wish we could somehow get google to either drop the "xxx.00" or divide the prices they get from the JSE by 100 - It's fnucking annoying and stuffs up how the android app works that I use to track my portfolio, apart from all other countries working correctly, just the JSE [email protected] is not in ZAR but in ZAC


  9. I'm not sure why EE calls a share that has traded 33.5 million shares in 4 hours not liquid?

    Did not even see your in here!




    Yea I wonder how they work behind the scenes, do they buy shares upfront or something?


    Hi :)


    yes, why would they treat this share differently? Why would they try and 'nanny' their customers, especially when it does not look like their reason is valid?



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