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  1. Nifty site I stumbled upon over at Share Forum.




    You can do Share Lookups:

    [*]By Shortname

    [*]By Fullname

    [*]By Sector










    Not bad, but it's limited compared to -> https://www.google.com/finance

    Which also give relevant market news etc


    The filter by ETF thou. That's brilliant!!




    I've been using Google Finance for some time. Very powerful tool.

    I love the fact that you can sort by sector and look at which companies are on the JSE and theior respective data. All in an easy to access manner.

  2. The trick is to realise that a cellphone contract is not all that bad if used correctly.

    Lets say you Buy a handset cash = R9000 (mid range phone btw)

    & Airtime/data per month = R350 (conservative for most)


    But what if you did the following:

    R9000 + (R350 * 24 months) = R17400

    then R17400 / 24 months = R725 per month


    So why not take out a contract that costs R725 per month? Meaning you could really get a MUCH better phone on a better contract for the same money over a 24 month period.

    OR on the other hand take the same phone and a cheaper contract for MUCH less money per month (over a 24 month period).

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