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  1. I think it's possible. Not so long ago I found Investment Adviser for crypto SEC fund. They have more than 35 years of combined trading experience spanning digital assets, structured products and global macro markets. Their specialists can help with delivering uncorrelated returns on digital assets.

  2. The three majors alone have made strong returns this year - BTC, LTC, ETH. That's great for trades made this year, but anyone holding from the all time highs will still be in deep losses. But I think investing in crypto remains quite a risky. I prefer to use my crypto for gambling mostly. I found online casino on syndicate.casino/en-za/casino/slots to get some extra crypto faster. That's so entertaining!

  3. I just hope BTC will be on top in the next few years. I try to follow the latest news from ICO Pulse experts to be aware of the current situation on the market. I'm also very interested in investing in ICOs, as for me it's quite profitable business. Want to invest some crypto in a few ICOs in the near future.

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