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  1. Could somebody please explain tax expenses on trading? Does one pay capital gains tax on share sales and 15% VAT on dividend income? Is the 15% a flat rate regardless of the size of portfolio? How do these tax fees compare to international costs? Are these the only taxes involved? Is it possible for a business to own a portfolio?
  2. I am running a small business. Would it be possible for the company to buy international shares? I phoned Standard Bank and they said that I would only be able to do this in my personal capacity. Could anybody advise on the most cost effective platform for international trading? Fees seem very high.
  3. I'm still trying to understand what research means? Sure you can get their financials but that predict a slide?
  4. I have an Online Share Trading account with Standard Bank. Do I automatically get the tax benafits if I buy an ETF that is classified as collective investment schemes? So in other words I dont get the tax benefit for having money my account, but only for buying and keeping the ETF?
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