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  1. Hi everyone ! I wanted to let you know about a new cryptocurrency prices and market capitalization tracker I just developed: coinsranks.com Here are the website's current features: Streamlined and responsive interface including price chart thumbnails of the last 7 days 1200+ cryptocurrencies monitored live on 27 exchanges by our own scripts Historical prices and volume information since December 2012 (smallest granularity of 5 minutes) Several reports are available: currency rankings by market cap and volume, biggest percentage gainers/losers, coins added recently, exchanges ranking by last 24 hours volume Fast search engine Upcoming features include: Reports (in particular to help you identify arbitraging opportunities) New cryptocurrencies are added each day Price and volume from new exchanges Extra analysis and information for each currency (geographic area where volumes are higher, etc.) Making fiat conversion to Rand, Euro, British Pound or Japanese Yen available Enable users to set alerts that would be triggered when prices or volume levels are hit for a currency or for the whole crypto market I will announce new features here as they are released. It would be very helpful to receive feedback from the Platinum Wealth community. Please reply to this thread to give me recommendations on improvements I can bring. Thanks. Have a nice day.
  2. Great, thanks : will make sure it is not spammy to the forum's users.
  3. Thank you Platinum Wealth ! I would be pleased to receive feedback from the PlatinumWealth community on potential improvements, it would be very helpful. Do you think I could create a new thread in the "Other cryptocurrencies" section? I would also post new updates I make to the website in that thread. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I am Paul, from Coinsranks.com. I noticed PlatinumWealth was part of the main crypto forums out there and wanted to join your community. I have been developing softwares/websites around crypto for the last few months. I hope to keep learning here with you guys Thanks, Paul
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